A cipher with Crystal Seth

Seth Goldsmith has a cat named Cassius. He studies telecommunications. He exercises. He appreciates sunny days because they’re limited in Pittsburgh, his hometown. He’s the archetypal Penn State student.

Except when he’s on stage.

Known to fans as “Crystal Seth,” this young, talented entrepreneur is the next big thing out of Pennsylvania’s trendy hip-hop scene. His latest project, Left on Freeport, has reached over 6,000 hits on Datpiff.com, the industry’s most popular online mixtape source. It doesn’t stop there — by the end of the semester, he promises us more material.

While he says academics are important to him, music is in his blood.

“I’ve been into music since 1969 when my dad attended Woodstock,” he offers with that clever wit that makes his music so enticing. His mother is a skilled poet, and he says her work significantly influences his lyricism.

Crystal Seth’s content focuses on his daily life and those who may relate. He attempts to understand his listeners by appealing to them on a personal level through rhyme and rhythm.

“To be able to write a song about myself, but be conscious enough during the writing process to appeal to a mass audience, that inspires me. I admittedly haven’t done that [yet], or else I’d be famous already. That also inspires me.”

His humility and drive propel his crew to operate as a cohesive unit on the journey to a dream. Seth says this is the key to success.

“My team runs things as if I’ve already made it in the industry, so by the time we get there, we’ll be a well-oiled machine. There will be no harsh transition because we work that hard already.” And work hard he does. This semester, he has yet to spend a weekend in State College. He travels far and wide to play in front of screaming audiences, record music or film videos that attach visuals to his head-bobbing beats.

Currently, Crystal Seth is in the process of signing with a State College-based production company to gain more exposure within the area and beyond.

Keep an eye on this up-and-comer that’s one of our very own! You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or visit Datpiff  to download his music for free!

Correction: An earlier version of this article misstated how often Crystal Seth has left State College to work on his career. It’s this semester that he has missed so many weekends. We apologize for the error!

Photo by Rhiannon Hedrick

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