Call Me, Maybe?

Is it a coincidence that Carly Rae Jepsen’s infectious pop song can be heard all over campus just as summer break approaches? Maybe, baby, maybe not, but as we dance and sing along, the fact this will all be gone in just a few short weeks can’t be ignored. Whether you’re only spending the summer away from Happy Valley or you’re a senior moving on to bigger and better things, Valley has tips to help your relationships survive the chorus. 

Make Social Media another one of your friends.

            Sometimes Facebook seems more like an enemy, but if you keep your pictures and posts PG-13 for employers’ sake, it’s truly a great way to keep up with your friends. Utilize features other than the generic News Feed such as by creating a private group with your friends to share information in a forum-like setting. Twitter is also a great way to share fleeting thoughts, exciting achievements, and general news quickly when mass texting just won’t cut it.

Plan ahead.

             When using social media, make sure to post your events far in advance. Before leaving State College, ask around to decide a definite date to visit a friend’s shore house or trendy loft in the city. That way, every member of your group can schedule a free weekend, and plans are more likely to come to fruition.

If you are graduating, try to invent an annual get-together. Be it Artsfest, Blue and White weekend, or the quintessential Homecoming game, book a local hotel room early, save your cash, and encourage your besties to do the same. Together, you can reminisce and make new memories simultaneously!

Skype and mean it.

            Even if you are extremely comfortable with each other, video-chatting can sometimes fall flat. Instead of randomly choosing a time to be online, call your girlfriend while applying makeup before a date or cooking dinner after a long day to switch up routine facetime. There won’t be awkward silences that come with distance; it’ll be just like she’s in the room giving you advice or passing the salt.

When all else fails, don’t consider the maybe – actually give your friend a call. Something is to be said about traditional phone conversation. Catch up, have a few laughs, and remember why he/she is your friend in the first place. And that’s worth keeping, so where you think you’re going, baby?

Photo by Sam Florio.

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