The cure for spring fever

As the days become longer, our attention spans seem to become shorter. To ensure your GPA doesn’t plummet due to beautiful weather, consider these tips from Kathleen Nemchik, a senior psychology major and Community Help Center staff member.

Use the buddy system
Yes, it’s a clichéd concept, but it works. And Nemchik assures you aren’t alone.

“If you’re struggling with Spring Fever, it’s likely that your friends and fellow students are too,” she says. “Strategize and get them on board.”

When all of your roommates also have assignments to complete, make a group decision to turn off the television. If there is a mass-text invitation to enjoy Berkey Creamery ice cream, resist in unison (and think of the calories you’ll save!). After all, tedious tasks are less miserable when you have friends for support.

Set short-term goals
It’s much easier to ignore deadlines that lie in the distant future, so change your way of thinking.

“Make a list.” Nemchik advises. “Put the immediate tasks first, but don’t neglect assignments due next week. This way you’ll be thinking of them and can’t be bombarded last minute.”

For example, if you have a three- to five-page paper due on Monday, encourage yourself to write at least two pages by Thursday or Friday. This technique brings us to our next recommendation…

Apply positive reinforcement
“Positive reinforcement increases the likelihood that something will happen,” she says. “When a favorable outcome, event or reward occurs after an action, that particular response or behavior will be strengthened.”

So if you do manage to complete your short-term goal of writing two pages before the weekend, treat yourself to that Creamery ice cream you’ve been pining for since the invitation (eh, you’ll burn it off later). Take your successful participants in the buddy system with you and enjoy yourself, because now you deserve it.

You survived Bieber Fever, so really this is a no-brainer. Just remember Nemchik’s tips and keep your spring fever in check. Hello, Dean’s List!

Photo by Jill Podhor

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