Michael Kors Spring 2024 Collection

On Monday, Sept. 11 Michael Kors showed the world his new 2024 spring and summer collection. His show took place at Domino Park in Brooklyn where models walked down the runway in sheer dresses and warm-colored pieces. Kors wanted to take viewers on a romantic vacation; think of warm summers in Italy or a day by the ocean in Greece. This idea was most definitely fitting as all of the pieces shown seemed perfect for a getaway.

Who Attended The Show?

This show had many well-known names in attendance as celebrities wanted to support Kors and his work. Blake Lively, Olivia Wilde and Vanessa Hudgens were just some of the recognizable names that were seen alongside the runway. Celebrities such as Halle Berry, who has partnered with Kors before, also made an appearance. Lively, in particular though, stunned viewers in her shiny gold jumpsuit where photographers snapped her picture left and right. Check out her image below to see her beautiful piece.

Photo from InStyle.com
Kors’ New Pieces

As mentioned earlier, Kors’ line is inspired by a vacation getaway where the pieces are a mix of neutral and bright colors. Surprisingly, a majority of the pieces were business casual which viewers would not exactly pick out as summer fashion. Models came out in two pieces, blazers and dresses, each one with a different vibe. There were a variety of pieces shown in this show. Some are meant for daytime as well as nighttime attire. Usually, there is an inspiration behind the pieces and show. That being said, Kors dedicated this show to his mother as these pieces remind him of all of the amazing memories they made together while traveling.

Photo from Michaelkors-collection.com

New York Fashion Week is always a big part of the fashion world and is known all over the globe. This show done by Kors gave us one last taste of summer before we head into the cold seasons. Kors’ show in particular stuck out due to the numerous celebrity names in attendance and the eye-catching looks that they showed up in. Attendees got to enjoy the sun right before the fall weather hits. Before we know it though, it will be summer again and models will be dressed head to toe in Kors’ pieces on a romantic getaway in Europe.

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