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Photo from @iamkaylanicole on Instagram
Photo from @iamkaylanicole on Instagram

The Blue and White Game 2023 is almost here! As we prepare for the semester to end and summer right around the corner, now is the perfect time to start thinking about your signature pieces for football season. Before paying an arm and a leg during the school year for that annual cropped Penn State bookstore top, VALLEY is here to share some ways to diversify your style! This article is going to give you a small snippet into the world of different gameday fashion at universities across the country. 

That PSU feeling

Penn State, like most Big 10 schools prides itself on one thing… Football, Football and more Football.  But if you dig deeper into the weekly gameday fits, you’ll notice that comfortability and repping our school is the number one aspect of that perfect gameday look. If you go on Pinterest you’ll see peak 2016 and 2017 Tumblr-esque outfits with the cropped PSU shirt with a matching skirt, ripped jeans or even PJ pants. But how can you diversify this look to match the 2023 aesthetic?

Shop Vintage

There are many vintage stores and consignment shops throughout campus that sell used Penn State merchandise. From bomber jackets to t-shirt rips, sellers have it all and you can find them here on our campus. Second-year student Madison Verman created her Instagram thriftedphillyyy to share thrift finds. Not only has she created a website but goes around for pop-up events sharing clothes she finds!

Photo by thriftedphillyyy on Instagram

Etsy Sellers

Etsy sellers have been a go-to for girls looking for personalized merchandise and different variations of current trends mixed with Penn State flair. From Babytees with Nittany Lion logos to corsets with Penn State colors… each seller tailors to the preferences of their target audience. Penn State student Hannahr Scheible has her own Instagram and Etsy shop happyvalleycustoms where she sells gameday merchandise tailored towards Penn State and other schools across the country!

SEC Preppy

The SEC is known not only for their southern hospitality and great football, but amazing gameday outfits. From cowboy boots to flare dresses, each school has their own designated style, but they all tie in elements of school colors and southern charm. So how can PSU students add some of these elements to their gameday wear?

Accessories Galore

Accessories are an element SEC girls have to a science. From clear purses to sorority buttons supporting the teams, these accessories can change a normal t-shirt and jean style to have an elevated look. There are sellers online who create gameday merch for preppy girls looking to step away from the usual jersey and cowboy boot combo.

Gameday Purse – KenzKustomz
Photo by KenzKustomz

No…. you’re cute jeans

Every person needs a good pair of comfortable gameday jeans. But what if you added something with something new… PATCHWORK. Worn by the Real Housewives of DeathValley, Bell and Bree create Denim gameday wear with recycled and brand new jeans bringing them back to life! From jean jackets to sweatshirts and most importantly jeans, this brand has gone viral on social media as a woman-owned brand selling cute and casual gameday wear.

Photo by Bell & Bree on Instagram

HBCU’s are the pinnacle for Black fashion. Trends created by the Black community mainly started at these campuses and giving credit to them is important when we discuss everyday fashion. But HBCU’s tend be different from other universities especially during homecoming season. It’s everyone dressing to the nines and showing off their own HBCU pride.

Going out=Gameday?

Gameday wear for a lot of HBCU’s veer off of the usual school apparel. Most of the time, students wear clothing that match their personality and style versus repping their schools’ merchandise. So instead of pulling out that classic Family Clothesline shirt, try wearing one of your white or blue going out tops with leather pants. Or maybe a corset with jeans; whatever style makes you feel like your best self!

Photo from Pinterest
Photo from @tajiahgary on Instagram

Calling All Sororities!

Greek life paraphernalia is big within the Divine 9 and MGC community! During these games sororities and fraternities from across different HBCU’s come together to celebrate diversity and their organizations. So instead of wearing your normal PSU shirt, maybe wear your sorority paraphernalia that represents the school and your sorority!

All in all, gameday is a time for celebration and joy! To get together with friends and share your love for your university. Whether you’re wearing your normal PSU tee or new Etsy gameday buttons, this next year is about looking and feeling like your best self.

What new gameday look are you trying next year? Let us know by tweeting us @VALLEYmag 


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