Bottoms Up

Life is better when you have a going out top coming in the mail. For whatever reason; no line feels as long, every Friday night plan sounds better and your excitement for the weekend is perpetually bubbling. It’s no secret that the coveted going out top is almost always the star of the show, but no stars can shine without darkness. No going out top looks that good if you don’t have bottoms to go with it.

There are many routes you can take when it comes to cute bottoms for hitting the town  —and none of them are Edikted leather pants (keep up!). 

One option is just jeans. They’re a tried and true piece that will never go out of style. Because the price of jeans is a little steeper than that of an Amazon corset, you don’t want to buy a surplus of these. A good trio might include one low rise, a mid or high rise, one baggier pair and some make a statement . 


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Low rise is tough for so many reasons. Also, trying jeans on is the seventh circle of hell. To spare you the trauma, VALLEY can let you in on a little secret: these are the perfect pair of low-rise jeans.
Levi’s Low-Loose Jean are THE most dependable low rise jeans. The front seam these is less than 9 inches, so they sit at the perfect height on your body but don’t droop around the bikini area. They come in a variety of  washes and the quality is worth the price.

The Cool pair

Asymmetrical, studded, fold over, funky stitching, etc. The going out top can’t always be the star of the show! Make a statement with jeans that pop. Carmar, Edikted, Princess Polly, Garage and Revolve have bunch of cool options. 

Baggy Jeans

These are perfect to pair with plain tanks, tight tops and corsets. You can find them just about anywhere. Bonus points if you can find cool shoes to fit the model off duty vibe. 

Mini Skirts 

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Mini skirts are the perfect combination of cute and sexy. Just like jeans, you don’t need to buy these in bulk either. A reliable black mini skirt acts as a perfect canvas for Contrary to popular belief, they can also be worn year round! If you’re worried about the chills of fall making your mini skirt collection obsolete, invest in some thermal tights to keep you warm. 

A black mini skirt goes with anything, a white mini skirt is perfect for a day part and colorful tops. Pleated skirts look the best if they’re denim and paired with a white top. The final category of mini skirt —one with a slit— is a personal favorite.

Mini skirts are easy to navigate and pair with any tops. One way to elevate the look of a mini skirt is with shoes! Tall boots are always a good choice to pair with skirts.

Cargo Pants 

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The world of cargo pants is weird. Within a lattice of informal office wear, hiking attire and streetwear, cargo pants have reached that status of a going out bottom. They look great with body suits and baby tees. Also, who doesn’t love having a surplus of pockets? 

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