The Comeback of Denim on Denim

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Denim on denim has had its ups and downs for years now, and has really been put on the back burner since the early 2000s. However with college football season starting up, we’re seeing more and more denim on denim gameday outfits, usually paired with pins, cowboy boots and bows. In this article, VALLEY is going to take a look back at denim on denim fashion over the years, and talk about the rise in the style with college students. 

The head to toe denim’s most iconic look might have to be the 2000 VMAs red carpet, where Justin Timberlake and Britany Spears matched, decked out in denim. Spears’ look consisted of a floor-length dress with different patches and shades of denim, paired with silver accessories, such as the matching necklace and belt. The pop star even accessorized with a jean purse. Timberlake’s look matched from head to toe as he wore an all denim suit and hat. The singer wore a silver chain with clear glasses to complete the look. 

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Since then, this style has had its popular years, and years where it was almost embarrassing to wear out. But recently, younger generations have been bringing this iconic style back to life. In 2022, Kendall Jenner modeled in a photoshoot where she wore nothing but jeans and a jean jacket. That was one of the first times we saw another comeback of denim on denim. 

The college game day season kicked off this past weekend, and with that, came a lot of denim on denim outfits. Many small businesses aimed towards college students looking for game day outfits, and also run by college students, are where a lot of these girls get their outfits from. These small businesses are great for styles like these because they upcycle many old and vintage pieces of clothing. Many owners are also college students, so they know what their audiences are looking for. These shops also have mini pop-up shops to sell their products. Many of them are made of recycled jean materials. 

Many jeans sets worn by college students are made into corset or collared style tops, and paired with bell bottom jeans and/or jean skirts. With these, girls wear bows, pins with their schools or sororities or ribbons and belts. With styles like these starting early in the gameday season, there could very well be an increase of denim on denim sets being brought back for the fall season this year. College students influence other college students, especially when it comes to girls on gameday: girls like outfits and purchase for themselves, or borrow outfits from their friends. 

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College games run into early winter, so there will be varieties of denim on denim outfits seen as the weather begins to get cooler up in the northeast. The comeback of denim on denim fashion has seemed to come full circle with younger generations from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s to now.

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