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Calling all my old souls! Over the past few years, so many vintage fashion trends have been making a comeback. We’ve seen low-rise jeans, baby tees, overalls, banana clips and so many more styles come back from the dead. However, VALLEY thinks some great pieces were left behind. Here are five vintage fashion trends we think need to be revived:

Acid Wash Denim

Acid wash gives typical denim an exciting twist. An average closet has white, black, light wash and dark wash denim. But acid wash adds more contrast and distress, easily upgrading a basic outfit. The best part about acid wash is that you can do it yourself with just water and bleach! Paired with a simple top and sneakers, acid wash could enter the modern denim game.

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Go-go Boots

Disco enthusiasts rise up. Whether you’re with it or not, a 1970s fashion revival is happening in 2023. Pieces like jumpsuits, halter necks, and boho florals are becoming popular again, and Go-go boots need to be included too. These versatile boots can upgrade any going-out outfit. You can wear them with flare jeans, mini skirts, slip dresses and so much more. We encourage you to channel your inner dancing queen in a pair of these.

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Poodle Skirts

Hear us out. The poodle logo is adorable and would look amazing on a basic mini skirt or on a baby tee. This design is so simple yet so cute, and we’re surprised this poodle has yet to be seen since the 1950s. A hyper-feminine fashion renaissance is happening right now, and the poodle would fit in perfectly with this trend. With a modern touch, these skirts could make a comeback.

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Men’s Flared Pants

Flared pants are trending for women; why not bring them back for the men? These 1970s inspired pants are both fashionable and flattering. Depending on the material, flared pants can be dressed up with a button-down shirt or worn casually with a graphic tee. Straight-leg jeans are getting old. Embrace the groove!

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Bedazzled Denim

Out of all the Y2K pieces and trends being revived, we’ve rarely seen bedazzled denim being worn. A cute design on a pocket or a bedazzled belt adds some character to plain denim. We think sparkle needs to work its way back into casual wear.

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