Men’s Fashion: Winter Wardrobe

Hsieh.Men's winter wardrobeValley is ringing in the New Year in a completely new way… through a male perspective.

Winter is a time for slacking off with our wardrobe choices.  It is much easier to throw on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt as we head to our 8 a.m. classes than to worry about what looks “good.”  Here are some suggestions on ways men can dress up this winter season.


The only thing that stinks about winter is the snow… well more importantly the slush.  Walking downtown after a snowstorm in your leather Sperrys is a sure way to destroy them; wearing Sperrys in the middle of winter is not sensible at all.  Winter is a time for Timberland construction boots that could be dressed up for a date or dressed down for a snowball fight on Old Main lawn.  If you want to style up your feet, make sure to check out our great shoe stores in downtown State College.


Guys, it is time that we retire the sweatpants from our day-to-day look and start getting adventurous with our wardrobe.  By wearing khakis or jeans (dark) it shows that we took the time to get ready and that we want to look good.  As comfortable as sweatpants are, they lack effort and individuality.


Say goodbye to that Penn State hoodie and hello to your new best friend, the quarter zip.  The quarter zip sweater is a savior because you can wear it for casual or business events.  It allows both comfort and style with minimal effort.  The amazing thing about quarter zips is that they come in a variety of fabrics such as yarn, wool, and cashmere.


There are two types of coats men should own in the winter: the casual coat and the fancy coat.  The casual coat can be a North Face, Columbia, or an Izod.  This jacket should serve as your practical jacket; it’s the jacket that will keep you warm and that won’t have you tossing and turning if you spill beer on it.  The fancy coat should be reserved for those special occasions like job interviews, dates, or if you are feeling particularly dressy.  This coat can complement your outfit with style and professionalism.

This article is not to serve as a criticism of the male fashion at Penn State, but to provide suggestion to enhance our professionalism.  You should always dress that way you feel most comfortable and never reluctantly change your style because someone told you that you should.

Photo by Jonathan Hsieh


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