Leather, Leather Everywhere

photo-7Leather is a thriving fashion trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.  Celebrities rock it on the red carpet, average college kids wear it on a night out or during the day, and moms wear it in the work place. It’s everywhere.

The leather jacket look went from being something bad boys wore while rolling up to the bars on their Harleys, to something models wear while strutting down the runway. But the leather trend has evolved from just jackets, it has moved on to skirts, crop tops, leggings, dresses; and it has evolved from being plain black and brown to wild and bright colors that can complete any daring look.

Everyone should own a piece of leather in their closet. A lot of girls feel that leather is not their style because they don’t feel like they can pull off the edgy look, but actually leather can be dressed down just as much as much as it can be dressed up. Black leather pants with flats, a sweater, and a scarf is an adorable everyday look. Later you could trade that sweater and those flats in for a sheer top and some heels and you have a perfect night outfit.

Sometimes just an accent of leather is enough to make a statement. There are leggings and jeans with leather strips down the side, shirts with leather patches, and jean jackets with leather sleeves. It seems like there is no escaping the leather trend, and there is no reason to.

There are so many perks to wearing leather and something about it is sexy. Maybe it’s because it is tight, magically slimming, and attracts boys, or maybe because it brings out the inner Sandy at the end of Grease inside all of us. This trend is encouraging people to step out of their own fashion bubble and try something new, and what’s a better change than putting on a tight leather skirt and your favorite heels and feeling like rock star?

The best part about owning leather is that it can be matched with most items you already own. Leather pants and tops can be mixed and matched with bright, bold colored shirts or skirts. Leather jackets can go over a hot red dress or cute top and pink skirt. Even though leather is a bold look itself, there are still so many opportunities to pair it with other cool items already in your closet. There is no wrong way to wear your leather items, so don’t be shy to get a little crazy with your looks at times.

Those beautiful colored leathered outfits seen in popular magazines unfortunately can cost hundreds of dollars, but we’ll let Rihanna have those. For the college students living off Lion Cash and high school graduation money, there are plenty of places downtown to buy leather items that are more budget- friendly.

Girls should start stocking their closets with leather items right away, because this trend isn’t dying anytime soon.


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