Sneaky Ways to Shimmer All Year Long

ShidikaGoode_ Shimmer (2)-1The holidays shouldn’t be your only excuse to go into sequin overload. As A Little Princess once taught us, all girls are princesses. Instead of actually wearing a tiara (because we all know that’s just going too far), slip some sparkle into your everyday look.

Bust out the glue guns and glitter or make some room in your spring budget – who needs textbooks anyways? – these fresh style staples are guaranteed to help get your shine on this year.

1.)   Sequined Elbow Patches: For those obsessed with elbow patches, this fun take on a classic detail tops the list. To add a touch of sparkle to your favorite sweater, trace and cut out two ovals the size of your hand on a piece of sequined fabric and finish it off by simply stitching the pieces of fabric onto the elbow of your shirt. Your elbows are about to become your new favorite feature.

Learn how or get it here.

2.)   Sparkly Tights: More than just a necessity to keep your legs warm this winter, these high-shine ‘hose will become the focus of your outfit. After spraying your tights with adhesive and coating them in a generous amount of glitter, slip your arms through each leg to make sure the sides don’t stick together, shake off  any excess glitter, and then leave to dry for one or two hours to prevent glitter fallout later (a great tragedy indeed). Consider this your sure-fire route to ah-mazing legs, minus any sweaty gym time.

Learn how or get it here.

3.)   Glittery Heels: Leave your red-soled Louboutin-envy at the door and slip on a pair of these bedazzled beauties. Put a little pep in your step by taping off the sole of the shoe (to avoid any traumatizing glitter-induced slips while wearing them) and painting the underside of your shoes with a mixture of Mod Podge and glitter, pouring more glitter on the heel before the mixture has had a chance to dry. Once your first layer of glitter is completely dried, go over it with another coat of the glue-glitter mixture, allowing that to dry as well (patience, young padawan). You’ll be dodging ‘Twinkle-Toes’ jokes all night.

Learn how or get it here.

4.)   Shiny Shirt Details: Just when you thought you had thoroughly bedazzled every wearable surface possible, looking at your closet you think, Man, my button downs could use a facelift… Luckily we have the answer: More glitter! Mixing one part Mod Podge and one part glitter, paint the collar, pockets, buttons, anything of your shirt with as many layers of this shimmery concoction as it takes to get your desired effect. Give your shirt some time to dry and then voila, you are now a human disco ball – in a good way, of course!

Learn how or get it here.

Sparkle never goes out of style, and for us ladies born with glitter in our DNA, satisfying your craving for shimmer should, and now can be, a year-round priority.

Photo by Shidika Goode

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