Metallic, the New Black

Zucker-1.Metallic.jpgDuring the holiday season, and especially during New Years, metallic colors are a huge hit. From sparkly blacks to bright gold shades, almost every product from heels to makeup came in some sort of metallic palette this past winter. But, metallic colors don’t have to go away once the holidays are over. Here are some ways metallic colors can be worn all winter long and maybe even into the warmer months.

Metallic in everyday looks

Because metallic colors can come in so many different varieties from the holographic silvers to the shiny beiges, metallic shades can easily be incorporated into your every day appearance. Try using a metallic shade in your makeup. The famous makeup palette by Urban Decay, the Naked Collection, has many varieties of metallic shades to choose from.

Using colors like Half-Baked from the first Naked palette, can help create a beautiful metallic smoky eye look that can easily replace the iconic black smoky eye. Another way to update your most basic looks is by carrying a metallic purse for those fun nights out on the town. Whether this purse has a holographic sheen or just has intricate silver or golden flares, it will help your outfit shine in all sorts of occasions.

The Matte Metallic Look

Although many metallic colors come in shiny or sparkly tones, metallic colors can also come in matte shades as well. It may sound oxymoronic having a metallic matte color, but all this means is choosing an earthy tone, such as bronzes, that come with as little sparkle as possible, and more of a slight sheen to it.

By doing this you can add the unique look of a shiny metallic clothing piece without the overwhelming “disco ball” factor. By replacing a basic nude in your wardrobe with a matte metallic piece you can easily add a little more excitement to your closet even during the less festive parts of winter.

Colorful Metallic Shades

Summer is the time for bright and happy colors. So during this time no one wants to wear the earthy, dark colors that remind them of the bitter times of winter. While metallic colors are often worn during the winter and holiday season, that certainly doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself from all metallic shades. In fact, there’s an easy solution to all of this: bright metallic pinks and blues. These bright colors without any metallic sparkle are so common in any fashionista’s closet during the summer months, so why not give these basics a twist?

By adding metallic pink and blue hues, your outfit gains a little shimmer when the sun is out. Also adding some accents of gold into your outfit, whether through a sequined mini skirt or your bikini, can add something fun to your summer nightlife and beach life.

Photo by Ashley Zucker


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