Make Up With Your Makeup: Tips and Tricks On How To Save Money

Photo by Caroline Fenlin

It’s tough being a girl. We have to shave our legs, curl our hair, tweeze our eyebrows, put on makeup, etc.,  and what thanks do we get for endangering ourselves from the pricks of our razors or the burns from our curling wands? Void bank accounts. But enough is enough. It’s time to start saving money on the essentials we can’t seem to live without —especially those expensive makeup products that we love (and deserve) to indulge in. ­­Here are six ways to reuse products, fix broken ones and all in all save cash.

1.Use A Scissor to Get All the Foundation Out of the Bottom of The Bottle 

Have you ever tried to futilely squeeze every last ounce of liquid foundation from the bottle? Next time, try cutting the wide end of the plastic container. You’d be surprised at how much product is actually still in there. You can put the remains into makeup pans.

2. Re-Use Your Mascara Wands

If you are obsessed with a certain mascara, but it is totally out of your budget, no worries! Simply clean off the brush and use the wand with a cheaper formula. We all know the brush is what does the magic, anyway!

3. Use Hot Water To Save The Last Drops Of Mascara and Lip Gloss 

Salvage the last bit of your mascara or lip-gloss by adding a few drops of hot water into the tubes. This will break up dry pieces of the product and give a smooth application.

4. Make Your Own Homemade Lip- Gloss With Eye Shadow

Is there’s an eye shadow that you think would look perfect on your lips? Or is one of your favorite eye shadows so broken that it has become unusable? No need to spend money on a completely different product when you can make your own lip color! Mash up the eye shadow until it becomes powder-like. Then, melt the powder using a lighter for about 10 seconds. Mix the product with clear lip-gloss and you’re ready to go!

5. Fix Broken Powder Products With Rubbing Alcohol 

We’ve all experienced it —our most trustworthy powder, blush or eye shadow falling on the ground and shattering into small pieces in the confines of it’s palette. To save these products, pour some rubbing alcohol over them in the pan and let it dry. It should turn out as good as new!

6. Stick to Cheaper Concealer Sticks 

You may not know how to highlight and contour your face, so don’t spend $50 on a palette when you are just learning. Instead, opt for concealer sticks (some concealer sticks can be as cheap as $5!). Get one that is two shades darker than your skin tone, and one that two shades lighter than your skin tone. You will need a lot of product, patience and time to perfect this technique.


Being a girl is expensive, but hopefully with these tips we can save a few bucks and get the most out of our makeup essentials!


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