Low Rise is Back

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It’s time to talk about one seriously controversial topic in the fashion world –– low-rise jeans. Some people love it, and some people hate it. Originally rising to popularity in the 2000s, trendy fashion fanatics have begun to bring back the style to pay tribute to the currently popular Y2K style. Many well-known fashion icons utilized this style, such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Beyonce and a ton more.

It has also recently been utilized for many models in streetwear or casual outfits, including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Low-rise bootcut jeans seem to be the cultural equivalent for men sagging their jeans, which still stands as an on-and-off trend for tons of people — although it could also be a controversial choice.

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For those ready to hop onto the bandwagon of lowering their pant waist, there are a ton of different options to utilizing this trend. The classic, as mentioned before, is a low-rise bootcut jeans to accentuate your curves. This could be styled with anything, whether it’s a cropped baby-tee for the summer or an oversized sweater for the fall. They look adorable with a chunky sneaker or boot.

People have also taken to rolling down their Dickies to make them low-waisted, and flash the logo on the waistband, giving a workwear twist to the style. Many also wear low-rise mini and maxi skirts, which are great for dressing up to go out, or just dressed down to wear to class.

Although there are tons of options, many still are filled with disgust when they see people attempting to bring this trend back with the rest of the Y2K aesthetic. It is a sensitive topic due to the fact that a low-rise sits so low that it shows essentially the entire stomach, of course depending on the shirt. A high-rise or mid-rise jean covers up the whole stomach and can hold it in a little bit better compared to the low-rise. Therefore, a lot of people believe only more petite people can pull off this trend, so it is not worth bringing back into fashion. VALLEY stands by the idea of body positivity, and the fact that everyone should wear what they want to wear and love the way that they look naturally.

Anyone can pull off low-rise if they like it and are confident in it. With bringing back the Y2K aesthetic, of course, the low-riding style had to come back with it.


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