“Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” Brings Body Positivity to Dance

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Watch out, world! The Amazon Prime Video original series “Lizzo’s Watch Out for the Big Grrrls” released eight episodes on March 25. Lizzo is searching for 10 “Big Grrrls,” curvy dancers, to join her for her performance at Bonnaroo Festival and her 2022 tour.

After Lizzo’s post on social media asking curvy dancers to submit audition videos to be backup dancers for her, 13 prospective dancers come to audition for Lizzo. She selects 10 to go on a journey throughout this unscripted series exploring not only dance but also body positivity. Securing a spot on the show does not necessarily mean a spot on Lizzo’s Bonnaroo stage: the Big Grrrls need to work everyday to earn their spot next to Lizzo, and Lizzo assures them that anything can happen.

Setting the Stage

The Big Grrrls live in a decked-out mansion complete with a glam room, gym and a pool. Throughout the episodes, they participate in dance competitions, create music videos, perform with a live marching band and even pose for naked photoshoots to embrace their beauty.

The show’s challenges encompass all aspects of working alongside Lizzo. She tests their abilities of freestyle dance, learn and dance flawlessly to choreography in different styles and tempos, work professionally with music video directors and choreographers and love themselves and their bodies wholeheartedly.

Beyond the Stage

Lizzo advocates passionately for curvy and plus-size dancers of color because she has advocated for herself time and time again as a plus-size woman of color.

“Time and time again, I play a show, and people come up to me after and say ‘I don’t know how you did that. I’m tired just lookin’ at you.'” Lizzo says in episode one, “What do you mean you’re tired just looking at me? They wouldn’t say that to Beyoncé, so why do they say it to me? We all know why: because they don’t believe I can do this.”

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The Big Grrrls take part in body positivity exercises like guided meditations, discussions and a somewhat controversial nude photoshoot. Lizzo poses nude on her “Cuz I Love You” album cover, and encourages the girls to embrace their bodies. However, some of the girls feel hesitant to pose nude. They ultimately choose to do the photoshoot in garments and poses that feel true and sexy to them, showing viewers that modesty can be just as empowering as nudity when you take ownership of how you want to show off your body.

The representation in the show demonstrates that women of many shapes, sizes, races, ethnicities, sexualities and backgrounds can and should flaunt their dance skills on and off the stage. As an executive producer and host, Lizzo’s spirit and personal values truly come through in this bingeable series.

“Girls that look like me don’t get representation,” Lizzo says “It’s time for me to pull up my sleeves and find them myself.”

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