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They say that the eyes are the window to the soul. Sometimes, they’re also a window into the season’s latest trends and styles. When the COVID-19 pandemic first spread across the globe in March 2020, face masks became the new normal in an effort to bolster public health and safety. As unusual as it felt for many to cover most of their face on a regular basis, it also presented a unique opportunity to experiment with bold, bright and even bizarre eye makeup looks. After all, if your eyes are your only avenue for self expression, you might as well try something new!

Negative-Space Graphic Liner

Popularized by pop icons like Lady Gaga, styling your lids with negative-space liner effortlessly blends flair with simplicity. If you want to try your hand at funky liner trends but you don’t know where to start, opting for a negative-space liner look can be a fun way to put a spin on your traditional eyeliner routine. If you want to get more creative with your makeup look for your next music festival, holiday gathering or even a regular Friday night, this look is for you. The contouring effect will give your eyes the dimension, dazzle and drama that you’ve been searching for. 

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Unlike the negative-space graphic liner look, the anti-mascara trend has only recently become popularized through social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Instagram creator Divina Muse was one of the first to experiment with the eccentric style, sharing a now-viral tutorial series on her platform that guides followers through the process to replicate her favorite anti-mascara looks. The anti-mascara trend is distinctive from other liner looks because it utilizes mascara as a product for both lashes and lids. This technique channels an exceptionally chaotic and individualized energy into any makeup look. Most importantly, the trend encourages makeup users to break the rules. Makeup is a fabulous tool for self-expression, and VALLEY loves any trend that inspires others to fearlessly flaunt their rare and radiant beauty. 

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Double-Winged Liner

If you’re searching for a more subtle way to add a little flair to your lids, double-winged liner is the perfect look for you. Quick, easy and undeniably elegant, double-winged liner is sure to make your eyes pop. If you want to add a daring twist to this style, consider using colorful liner. Whether you incorporate a pastel pink or decide to rock a neon green, a little color has the power to bring your whole look together. If you’re feeling especially playful, complement your liner with a mascara in the same color for a monochromatic vibe that’s bound to turn heads.

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