Lessons Learned From Behind The Scenes At New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week wrapped up last week and now our favorite editors are well on their way to Europe to cover the rest of “fashion month” in London, Milan and Paris. While we were not lucky enough to travel the world and scope fall’s upcoming trends, one of our writers had the opportunity to go backstage and watch some of the shows over in the Big Apple. She had the privilege of attending the shows of some of the most prominent designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, rag & bone, Vera Wang,  DVF, Alexander Wang and many more. From pushy photographers, to hair and makeup madness, to Kendall Jenner and Anna Wintour spottings, let us take you behind the scenes of fashion’s craziest week.

The hours are LONG

While a show or presentation may be set to start at 10 a.m. hair, makeup and PR teams are most likely required to report as early as 7 a.m. to make sure everything runs smoothly. Editors line up early to get their interviews with designers, models and beauty brands.

2015-02-17 10.37.26

Backstage is fun, but extremely crowded

Imagine being in a tight space with about 40 models, a team of hair stylists, makeup artists, manicurists, PR, photographers and editors for three to four hours. Yes, you get to see all the action go down and see some famous faces, but you might get hit with a blow dryer along the way.

2015-02-17 11.31.32

The models are not divas

There might be rumors floating around about Kendall Jenner being bullied at fashion week by fellow models, but it all seemed fine and dandy to us. The models are more than happy to chat with each other, pose for photos together and cooperate with all those who put their hard work into making the show a success. Some were even glad to pose for us when we asked for a few beauty shots!

2015-02-17 10.28.32

Fashion week = a lot of food

At New York Fashion Week we experienced some of the best catering NYC had to offer. Every show had giant buffets of free food, and what’s better than free food? Having free food with top models and editors!

2015-02-12 16.12.38

It is all worth it

We can imagine that for many people in the fashion industry, fashion week gets old quick. But for first-timers at such a huge event, the experience was more than rewarding. The best part is getting to see all of the hard work that gets put into these shows and then watching the final product. Not many people can say that they sat across from Anna Wintour at Vera Wang’s Fall/Winter 2015 show, but we’re so honored that we can. Fashion week, you were amazing!


 Photos taken by Andrea Navarro


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