Kylie Cosmetics Coming to Ulta

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Kylie Cosmetics has absolutely captivated the beauty market. First launching the brand with her lip kits, then expanding her products from highlighters to eyeshadow palettes, Kylie Jenner has delivered a line of products that are not too pricey and extremely reliable. 

Some people are hesitant to try Kylie products, however, because they are unable to try out the products before they purchase them online. A new deal between Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta may change that, and expand Kylie’s clientele.

If the online cosmetics empire scared you off before, now you will have the chance to test them out and determine if they live up to the hype. The collab between the two companies is expected to drop sometime this holiday season, so before you completely write off Kylie Cosmetics from your makeup bag, head to Ulta this holiday season and try some of these products for yourself.

Lip Kits and More 

Photo from @kyliecosmetics on Instagram

First kicking off the Kylie Cosmetic brand, her iconic lip kits are the first Kylie product any newbie would want to try. Since the line dropped in 2015, the colors and collaborations have expanded the options to include everything from basic nude glosses to unusually dark mattes – so there really is a color for everyone.

Now, Kylie offers kits and singles. Each kit includes either the gloss, cream or matte liquid lip along with a matching lip liner. For lip liner users, this option is preferable because the liner included was specifically designed to match the liquid lip.

Singles are less pricey compared to whole kits, and a better option for someone who does not normally use liner. The singles tend to last for a while unless they are something you plan to buy for everyday use, then the longevity of the product will be determined by usage.

Within the last year, Kylie Cosmetics also dropped lipsticks. For someone who prefers the traditional lipstick look, these are the best bet, featuring many color options to suit every style.

Eyeshadows and Kylighters

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The next products to try are the eyeshadow palettes and Kylighters. Both products contain potent pigments that can perfectly replicate the looks that Kylie sports all over her Instagram. 

Just last week Kylie dropped new eyeshadow singles which allow you to completely customize your own palette. This way customers can choose the colors they know they will use daily and will not have to spend money on colors they will not. 

Kylighters are also a great Kylie Cosmetics product to try if you are a big highlighter fan. Kylie has put a major focus on bright pigments that glimmer and create bold looks. The price does not differ much from other name-brand highlighters, so the Kylighter is definitely worth sampling when you get the chance.


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In order to diversify her brand, Kylie dropped 30 different shades of her lightweight concealer. While many may hesitate to buy concealer online, when they finally come to Ulta’s stores it will definitely be worth it to find your shade. Created specially for long-lasting coverage, this concealer will get you through a long day of classes or a late night out with friends. If you’re looking for a new concealer that will give you the coverage and the dependability you are looking for, Kylie Cosmetics’ concealer should be first on your list of products to try when they come to an Ulta near you.

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