Are Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner Done for good?

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Billionaire Kylie Jenner took to social media recently with a tweet that made the internet blow up. 

The power couple we all know and love called it quits the other day, and the social media world is desperate to know why. 

The couple reportedly started dating in April of 2017, and their love story took a turn when Travis and Kylie announced they would be having a child together. Rumors suggested Travis alluded to this back in 2018 with the release of his song “Butterfly Effect.” Many claimed the lyrics were describing the relationship he shared with Kylie and the daughter they were about to have. To further the rumors, Instagram pictures with suggestive captions and some pretty permanent matching butterfly tattoos implied that the two love birds shared something deeper than what the public knew. 

Later that year, Kylie and Travis welcomed their daughter Stormi into the world, and everything seemed like roses and butterflies between the two. Throughout the time left in 2018 and the beginning of 2019, the couple shared many lavish vacations and was seemingly living out the fairytale life with their newborn girl when things between the two took yet another turn, and not for the best. 

On Oct. 3, 2019, Kylie sent out a tweet that explained her and Travis will be focusing on their friendship and their daughter. That’s right, friendship. The pair had been rocky in the past due to issues of trust, but they always seemed to be able to work it out in the end. However, there have been reports of Travis messaging another girl on Instagram that may have just been the last straw for makeup royalty, Kylie Jenner. 

The tea just gets hotter from there as rumors about Kylie and old flame Tyga erupted following reports of the two being spotted together shortly after the split with Travis. In one instance, Tyga posted a picture with a caption that references the “Rise ‘n Shine” meme that is surrounding Kylie right now. While that may seem like a small thing, nothing is done by accident on social media, and we all know how much fans eat this kind of stuff up. Alongside this, there have been sightings of the two exes on more than one occasion. Kylie and ex boo Tyga were seen together at the West Hollywood club Hyde Lounge and on another occasion where Kylie seemingly visited Tyga at his recording studio. 

While these are all just rumors, which Kylie denies any validity to, there is enough evidence and history between her and Tyga to speculate that something else could be going on. Despite the rumors and gossip, what we do know is that Kylie and Travis are officially split but still wish to create the familiarity of “mom and dad” for their baby girl, Stormi, so we haven’t seen the last of the power couple just yet. Now it’s just a matter of where they will go from here. 


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