The Future of Beauty is Now

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If you ever thought that there were already too many beauty products to try out on the market, then think again. Companies today are creating even more advanced and personal products for the inner beauty-junkies in all of us, and VALLEY has your inside look at these brands that are changing the future of beauty as we know it.


Founded by Grace Choi, Mink is a 3D printing company based in New York that has created a 3D makeup printer. The printer allows users to select any color they would like and create any type of makeup – from powders to creams to lipsticks. The ink used to create the color of choice is both FDA approved and cosmetic grade, and therefore is made of the same ingredients that you’ll find in all of your favorite in-store cosmetics. Mink is also compatible with your smart phone and other personal devices, making it truly personalized to you. Tune into this video to learn more about Mink in this interview with Grace Choi, as well as this video featuring the revolutionary 3D printer in action.


MODA by Foreo not only uses 3D technology to print your makeup, but it also applies it for you. Using 3D printing and advanced facial scanning technology with an integrated smart phone app, the MODA scans your face and then sprays on mineral makeup using nozzles within the machine in a simple, three-step process. Using your smartphone you choose your makeup look from a collection of celebrity and runway images or upload your own preferred beauty look. You then connect via Bluetooth to transmit your chosen look directly into the machine’s system, as the machine analyzes your features and skin tone. You then align yourself within the MODA and the machine applies three layers of makeup: primer, foundation (including highlighting and contouring) and color cosmetics – all within 30 seconds. Impressed yet? Watch a preview of world’s first digital makeup assistant at work in this short video.


With a focus on skin care and the use of natural and organic products for your skin, EgoEra created a machine that allows users to create their own custom sheet masks within minutes. The EgoEra Facial Mask Maker allows you to target any skin care issues you may have by combining any fruits, vegetables, juices and essential oils that you may want, with water and collagen pills provided with the product. INSIDER beauty reveals how the EgoEra works in this video.

Smashbox & Sephora

Through both augmented reality mirrors and smart phone apps, Smashbox and Sephora allow customers to virtually try on and test different makeup products on their faces in real-time without having to upload a photo. Beyond their Virtual Artist App, Sephora has recently brought this technology in-store with an augmented reality mirror allowing customers to test various colors of makeup products, such as the eyeshadow as shown here. Smashbox has taken their virtual testing one step further by partnering with ModiFace to use eye-tracking technology to track what users are most interested in based on his or her eye movements. With the information from this technology Smashbox can better tailor their marketing, making user experience even more personalized.


Focusing on customers and the differences in identities, uniqueness of tastes, physiognomy and character, KIKO opened its flagship store KIKOiD (the “iD” standing for “identity”)  in Milan, Italy in late 2017. The highlight of the store is the high-technology dual arm robots that customize a wide selection of their makeup products with laser engravings in just one minute. Customers use screens placed next to the robots to pick their product, product shade, packaging and their own personal engraving. Watch both the user experience and the robot in action in these videos to get an idea of everything that the KIKOiD flagship store has to offer.

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