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When we think of “It Girl” typically an image of Serana Wanderson and Blair Waldorf taking over the Upper East Side in luxury clothes getting ready for a glamorous trip to Paris comes to mind. Maybe some of us think of current social media stars like Emma Chamberlain or even Addison Rea who have become icons on Instagram feeds. But what about the It Girls who have withstood the test of time and remain effortless and unique by their own rights? Where would fashion and pop culture be without Audrey Hepburn, Jane Birkin and Anna Karina? VALLEY thinks it is time to pay a tribute to the queen of effortless cool-girl style and contagious personality, Alexa Chung. 

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Getting her start as a British model and talk show host, Alexa Chung allowed the world to quickly notice her unique look and eccentric personality. Growing in fans, Chung became known for going against the grain of trying to fit in with what everyone else was doing through her mix of a masculine and utterly feminine classic look that has undertones of rock and roll and textbook British style. By being unapologetically herself through expression, Chung became the world’s new It Girl. 

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A master of all trades, Alexa has accomplished many extraordinary things, proving that women are not just pretty faces and cool outfits. From her book, IT which takes readers through some of her life stories and lessons learned to a Netflix original called Next In Fashion co-hosted with Tan France, Alexa has remained accomplished and timeless. 

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Chung also has her own designer fashion line that captures her beloved style with perfectly tailored pieces featuring androgynous collars and plaids with masculine qualities. 

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And of course, Chung also has her own trademarked Youtube channel where she features signature makeup and hair looks, features professional guests in the industry and even reviews her own outfits through the decades. Each video captures her youthful and unapologetic energy leaving viewers in a better mood and inspired which is refreshing in the midst of a social media overload of trends and cloned personalities. VALLEY cannot get enough. 

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Aside from her infamous It Girl status, Chung remains a relevant pillar and role model for all generations, reminding people to be daring and always have fun regardless of what the media demands from us. When it is impossible to keep up with what everyone else is doing, Chung proves that staying true to your own style and persona will only make you more admirable while withstanding the test of time.


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