Split Up With Those Split Ends

ShidikaGoode.SplitEndHairWhether you go once a month or once a year, girls eventually get their hair cut. Hairdressers lather, rinse, cut and dry our hair to look healthy and voluminous. But eventually over time, the tips of hair being to grow out and the dreaded split ends start to grow!

Instead of picking split ends in class—a favorite distraction from actually paying attention in class—Lipstick Salon’s beautician Emily Wright gives Valley readers some tips to maintaining strong, beautiful hair.

Split ends are inevitable, but they can quickly be prevented if hair is maintained correctly. Wright recommends adding keratin treatments to your hair.

“Hair has keratin in it natural but things like heat, sun exposure and the elements will remove the keratin, so putting it back in will make your hair grow faster just because your ends wont be splitting off,” Wright said.

The amount of keratin that should be added can vary from a shot to a whole head treatment, and the keratin will stay in for a couple of months. Not only does it make hair more manageable and stronger, it also protects hair color.

“It’s like a deep-conditioning treatment, times a million,” Wright says.

Girls should get their hair trimmed or cut every six-to-eight weeks, or when they notice a change in texture. Hair grows about half an inch each month. And with the do’s come the don’ts, too.

“Do not spilt your ends because you will actually cause more to form,” Wright says. “Don’t cut your own ends because you might cut off to much of the length.”

Regular scissors will leave your hair with blunt, uneven edges that will not match to the rest of your hair length. Cut too much and you’ll be missing chunks of hair!

“Girls should go to their hairdressers for trim cuttings; they are inexpensive and quick,” Wright says. Trained professionals with proper cutting sheers should cut hair. They have the skills to angle, measure and style hair correctly with the proper tools. Please, leave the cutting to the professionals.

Photo by Deka Goode

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