How To Turn Your Car Into Your Safe Space

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When you’re at college, though it does become a home away from home, it can sometimes feel like you don’t have a space of your own. Your bedroom becomes sort of a place of sleeping and homework, and that’s if you even have one of your own to begin with. Decorating the interior of your car could be just the thing you need to feel at home again.

Some people see cars as a means to an end, or just a way to get from point A to point B. But there wouldn’t be a famous proverb about the journey being more important than the destination if there weren’t some truth to it. And making these little additions to the inside of your car can make every trip feel like a journey.

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Starting off with a very classic and common form of car decor — strip lights are an easy way to immediately spruce up the inside of your car. Put them by the foot room, in the doors, and along the back to create a sort of ambiance. You can get them on Amazon and use AutoZone‘s DIY page to help with the installation.

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There is quite a bit of TikTok virality around these star showers for cars. When driving anywhere at night, there’s no need for a sunroof when you’ve got the stars inside your car to create the atmosphere of the night sky. You can get custom lights from Starlight HQ or DIY with some from Amazon!

Ceiling Decor
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Ceiling decor is a much more recent development in the world of car decoration, but sticker collages have been trendy since the days of boho beach cars on VSCO. And while that’s still very popular, there are even more ways to decorate the ceiling of your car now. The idea of floral car ceilings has been popularized in TikToks like these ones by kennajamjam and caitlynnwickham.

How they did it? Simple, it’s a DIY. You can get some fake flowers and leaves from your local craft store, like Michael’s and Joann’s, and pick them apart. Attach them to your car ceiling with some thumbtacks (or any fastener, really) and voila!

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If the previous TikToks were a bit too much of the faux floral for you, there are plenty of ways to incorporate nature into your space in much smaller increments. Try these little macrame cacti from Etsy, or just get your own fake plant and put it in your cupholder!

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Now for something that really should be more popular: a garbage can for your car. Everybody eats in their car, and messes can be quick to form, so why wouldn’t you want a garbage can? Get this cute and minimalistic one on Etsy, or go for a more utilitarian one on Amazon.

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Though it’s a little less useful than a trash can, coasters for cup holders are a great way to instantly improve the look of a space. They’re small enough to be inexpensive, and they’ll just immediately make your car look better. Get the ones pictured above here on Etsy, or look for others!

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Cargo nets for the ceiling of your car are a great place to store the random things you need to keep in your car without making a mess. Whether you want to leave your work clothes in the car, or you’re going shopping but have people sitting in the backseat, there are plenty of uses for a storage net in the space above your head! Get the one pictured above here or another one on Amazon.

Whether you use any or all of these ideas to spruce up the interior of your car, VALLEY would love to see! Be sure to tag us, @VALLEYMag, in your Instagram posts!


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