How to Quit Vaping

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Penn State is a school of convenience in many ways.  Fast food, walkable campus, oh and the plethora of vape and smoke shops that line East College Aven. Vaping has rapidly become the Gen-Z cigarette. The frat basements feel like a misty jungle, with a distinct fog of vape smoke filling the room. Go on any of your feeds and your favorite instagram models, or supermodels alike, can be spotted with a fruity colored little device in their hands even at the most coveted of socialite parties.

Is everyone vaping? College may make it feel that way. Depending on how long you’ve been addicted to nicotine, your thoughts on the matter may differ, but VALLEY wants to help you quit whenever you’re ready.

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The Hard Truth

The truth is, you will only quit when you want to. The hardest step to quitting is admitting that you need and or want to. The college atmosphere makes vaping feel like a necessity when in reality it’s not. It’s just making us all look dumb. If you take a second to snap out of the comfort of your vape cloud or take a look at how much money you’ve spent at Uni-Mart, you will most likely see it too.

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The Solution

Something we’ve recently seen on our For You pages are goodie bags just for this problem. Not just any goodie bags, but nicotine withdrawal comfort necessities. Items in the goodie bags differ depending on personal needs but range from an emotional support water bottle to an assortment of fidget toys. Anything that will help you get through the day! The most helpful items being those that will curb the oral fixation of having a vape. These include gum and mint products. Having something to hold and play with in your hand can also simulate the stimulation having a vape provides.

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Pros to Quitting
  1. You won’t be thrown into a panic when you can’t find your vape for three seconds.
  2. You won’t have a vape to pass around to everyone you encounter at frats immediately giving you frat flu.
  3. You won’t have that guilty feeling in your stomach when someone asks to hit your vape but they’re holding it for to long and you want to ask for it back.
  4. Every slight chest pain won’t instantly terrify you that the mint vape in your hand will be your demise.
  5. You will SAVE SO MUCH MONEY!

It’s ok if you’re not ready to leave the pack of people blowing vape clouds around campus. But you probably will be soon and VALLEY is here to help!

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