What TV Character Would You Want as Your DRCM? | THON 2017

Photo by Jordan Pietrafitta

Six hours into THON 2017, the dancers on the floor are exhibiting a wide range of emotions. Some are mellow, some are just as exuberant as hour one, and others are already showing the early signs of feeling worn out.

Valley decided to ask a few dancers a question that would take temporarily take their minds off of the impending weekend exhaustion: What TV character would you want as your DRCM and why? DRCM stands for Dancer Relations Committee Member – the individual assigned to a dancer to keep them company during their time on the floor, pumping them up, stretching them, and tending to their needs.

Some of the dancers chose characters that would provide them with some comic relief.

Abby Peters, a junior dancing independently, said she would choose Jess from New Girl to “make her laugh and forget about being tired.”

Chris Depman, a senior dancing for Ohana, believed that Charlie Kelly from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia would be an ideal DRCM because he is “hilarious and would give me a good laugh.”

Adam Lacaria, a senior dancing for Alpha Gamma Rho, would want Frank from Shameless to be his DRCM because he “could just talk to him, and he’d give me beer.”

Other dancers had different forms of relief in mind when they answered.

Nicole Baskar, a senior dancing for Omega Phi Alpha, chose Rachael Ray because “she would make me some bomb food.”

Caroline Cibriani, a junior dancing independently, said that any character from Grey’s Anatomy would work because “if I was struggling or if something bad happened they’d help.”

Ethan Brown, a senior dancing for Apollo, said that Jon Snow from Game of Thrones would give him “more ways to keep going.”

And finally, one dancer chose her dream DRCM for a different reason entirely.

Claire Lewis, a junior dancing for ski team, said she would choose Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls because “I just want to be her.”