To What Are You Most Looking Forward? | THON 2017

Photo taken by Jordan Pietrafitta

Within just the first few hours of Penn State’s THON, so many exciting and amazing events have already occurred. Valley took to the floor of the Bryce Jordan Center to ask what people are most looking forward to in the many remaining hours of THON.

Chris Depman, a senior and dancer representing Ohana, says, “I’m most looking forward to the last hour and spending it with the six other dancers. Knowing that we got to the end and that the six of us got through it together will be an amazing feeling.”

Rachel Zeitzer, a freshman and Dancer Relations Committee Member, says, “I’m most looking forward to the Final Four, by far. I’m definitely going to love listening to the families and experiencing and understanding their stories.”

Devon Salasin, a junior Ski Team member, says, “I’m most looking forward to Family Hour. Since I’m dancing for ski team, we don’t have a specific THON family, so I can’t wait to hear from all of the THON families and hear their stories.”

Other floor participants took a different approach to their answers.

Colleen Patrick, a junior and an independent dancer, doesn’t have a specific event to which she is looking forward. She says, “I’m so in the moment with the weekend that I don’t want to have anything to look forward to. If I have something specific to look forward to, it means that the time is passing and THON will be over.”

Erica Sheehan, also a junior and an independent dancer, says, “I’m trying to soak in each and every minute, but I’m most looking forward to the Final Four and to my parents coming to THON and experiencing it for the first time.”

Valley was also able to get a behind-the-scenes perspective, from Faith Koerner, a senior and one of the captains of the Public Relations Committee, about the final product of THON. She says, “Since September, I’ve watched directors and captains work so hard, and I’m just so proud of them. I’m most looking forward to seeing their reactions to all of the work they’ve put in, which makes me so happy.”