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With her tracksuit, scheming and unflinching ability to yell at teenagers, Sue Sylvester, played by Jane Lynch, remains one of the most memorable characters on “Glee.”

Her tantrums became a staple on the show, and although her warpaths could be unforgiving, they often left characters reevaluating their actions. Did Glee have a considerable lack of role models? Perhaps. However, Sue Sylvester was never shy about her philosophies of life.

Sue on sharing your thoughts:

“Just because you’re free to say whatever you want, doesn’t always mean you should.”

Sue Sylvester could have a thing or two to teach young adults on the internet today, namely on their digital footprint. Thinking before you speak is a behavior that is learned over time. It can help to practice this during arguments or other tense situations. 

Sue on winning:

“Never let anything distract you from winning. Ever.”

Being goal-oriented is an admirable trait and if there’s one thing that can keep a person motivated, it’s passion. The head coach of McKinley High’s Cheerios (and Principal later on in the series), would do anything to get things done. She’s a true go-getter. 

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Sue on Will Schuester:

“You have befouled the profession of teaching by accepting not only one, but two Teacher of the Year awards despite not speaking a word of the foreign language you purport to teach.”

Will Schuester and his dance moves could be called menaces to society. Although well-intentioned, the director of McKinley High’s “New Directions” was not the most culturally sensitive when it came to his creative endeavors. Among his questionable routines includes performing a number to “La Cucaracha,” and encouraging his students to dance to the song “Blurred Lines.” 

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Sue on staying true to yourself:

 “You know when I finally began to like who I am? When I stopped trying to please you.”

In the show’s second season, Sue marries herself in an exquisite royal blue tracksuit-wedding dress. We see a rare moment of vulnerability when she confronts her mother. It’s clear at this moment how much Sue loves her sister. Overcoming criticism from others can be hard, especially when it comes from parents. However, in this episode Sue rises above years of insecurity and stands up for herself.

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Sue on optimism:

 “It takes a lot of bravery to look around and see the world not as it is. But as it should be.”

It can be hard to hope when life looks bleak. This piece of advice from Sue holds true today. Having optimism is more than being positive, it’s internalizing your abilities as a reliable part of yourself. 

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Sue is far from a perfect character, but part of the reason she stands the test of time on a show that continuously receives criticism is her masterful comebacks. Sue was never one to let others intimidate her into a corner, even when multiple people stood against her.

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