Celebrities Who Fell From Fame: Where Are They Now?

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As a celebrity, every step you take is documented and there are not many ways around that. Some celebrities never get a break and are constantly being watched by their fan base for the rest of their career. Others come and go from the spotlight from time to time, but always have a rebuttal. And then, there are some celebrities that just never make a return.

The thing that is so freaky about a celebrity taking a lifetime hiatus is that one day they were praised, and then the next day they were just… gone. The freakier part of this is that the whole fanbase miraculously disappears as well, leaving barely any speculations or questions about where that celebrity went. These famous people went from being the light of many’s worlds to being the random shower thought of “I wonder how they are doing now.” Despite their sudden disappearance, the people still want to know what happened to them and how they are doing.

Here are five celebrities who fell off the face of the earth and what they are up to now.

Austin Mahone
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Austin Mahone at one point was considered the next Justin Bieber and produced hit after hit at an impressively fast rate. His fans named themselves “Mahomies” and his young fan base could not get enough of him. One day, people just stopped talking about him and the rest was history. This leads people to think that he just ended his music career, but this is not true. After his record label APG dropped him, he went on to be an independent artist, creating music to this day that just does not have a cult following. He also has a career on OnlyFans and joined the platform in 2020. Austin Mahone might not be in the spotlight anymore, but is doing well.

Fetty Wap
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Fetty Wap dominated the Hip Hop music scene from 2014 to 2016 and every song on the radio was him. He even won both a Billboard Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award while also being nominated for two Grammys in 2016. Shortly after, he fell off. This is mostly because of his legal troubles including multiple lawsuits to do with copyright infringement and a DUI that he was arrested for in 2017. He still produces music, but it just does not have the same cult following that it once did.

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Usher went from being it R&B star of the early 2000s to not being talked about at all. Despite this, Usher is back and better than ever. He is currently touring in Las Vegas and is ready to be in the spotlight once again.

Taylor Lautner
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“Twilight” star Taylor Lautner who was once the heartthrob of the early 2000s has not been in the spotlight for quite a while. He has stated that he has become pickier about the roles he would play. He also enjoys living a quiet life outside of Los Angeles with his dogs and fiancée. He reads and helps produce scripts from time to time but is enjoying his more privatized life.

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Gotye had one hit song “Somebody That I Used to Know” and just disappeared. The song made such an impact when it came out, so Gotye not making other hits after that was shocking. Today, Gotye is still producing music, just not under his stage name. In fact, Wouter De Backer is part of a band called The Basics and has been producing music with them over the past couple of years. Gotye might be inactive, but De Backer still produces music consistently.

Despite living out more private lives and other factors, these celebrities made a mark and were the “it” thing of their time.

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