“Made You Look”: The Revival of Meghan Trainor

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While Meghan Trainor is widely known for her hit song “All About That Bass” and her sassy demeanor when it comes to body positivity, recently she has been recrafting her image. With the help of her family and close friends, Trainor has been taking over the TikTok world. Whether it’s cute videos of her son or strutting to her new music with Olsen, Trainor is all over the “For You Page.” Most importantly though, she has become more raw and honest on TikTok with fans about her struggles with anxiety since the release of “All About That Bass”. Here’s a breakdown of Trainor’s new and improved brand.

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Struggles with Anxiety

In an interview with CNN in 2022, Trainor got candid about her experiences with panic attacks and anxiety when she first broke out in the industry. Trainor said that after the cameras stopped rolling when she was on CBS in 2016, she immediately had a panic attack because of exhaustion. While fame has made Trainor’s dreams come true, with it came a grueling schedule that led to her anxiety as well as health issues. However, Trainor has been able to work through her anxiety and has taken on a lighter schedule. Along with that, she has shifted some of her priorities off of music and onto motherhood after the birth of her son, Riley, in 2021. 

Trouble with Sickness and Vocal Surgeries

Once “All About That Bass” began to take off, Trainor often had bronchitis because of her crazy singing schedule. Then in 2015, after the release of her debut album, “Title,” Trainor’s vocal cords began hemorrhaging, ultimately leading to her vocal surgery. Two years later, she ended up having a second surgery which she had to be on vocal rest for three months. In an interview she did with Ellen, Trainor gushed about spending those three months with her then-boyfriend, now husband, Daryl Sabara, who learned sign language with her so that she could communicate with him. 

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TikTok and Podcast Fame

While Trainor is still releasing music, like her new album “Takin’ It Back,” she has turned to TikTok over the past year where she makes videos with her friend Chris Olsen, a TikToker who is well known for his videos of him bringing coffee to famous people. While some fans were fooled by their “we were childhood friends” TikTok, in reality, Trainor and Olsen only met recently and have become close ever since. The duo posts TikToks of them hanging out, strutting to Trainor’s new music, or other silly content, making fans fall in love with them. Along with her TikTok, Trainor has expanded into the podcast world with her brother, Ryan Trainor. In their “Workin’ On It” podcast, the two discuss things that they are working on, particularly Meghan’s anxiety and Ryan’s sobriety.

Although Trainor has kept up her message of body positivity throughout her career, recently she has been adding to this brand by being honest with her fans about her struggles in hopes to help others. Her revamped brand shines through in her new album, “Takin’ It Back”, which shows her classic doo-wop pop style with an elevated sense of self-love.

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