Alix Earle: TikTok’s New It Girl

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First, it was Charlie D’Amelio, then Addison Rae, and among plenty of popular influencers, Alix Earle has emerged as the new “It Girl” of TikTok… and man is she interesting.

Alix Earle 101
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Alix, 21, is a senior at the University of Miami in Florida but is originally from New Jersey. Her “Get Ready with Me” videos have blown up both to how likable and beautiful she is. Unlike most influencers, she gives her followers a raw look into her life as an influencer, student, and party-goer, which has racked her up to 796.5K followers.

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Aside from a wardrobe to make anyone jealous and a life only most can dream up, she is also dating 28-year-old New York Yankee Tyler Wade. Definitely living a very different life than most college seniors.

Not only is Earle drop-dead gorgeous and seems to always have a banging pool party to get to, but her family’s background is equally sensational.

Earle’s father is Thomas Earle, who is the President of Earle, a highway civil contracting and construction company. He is also the same man who married Ashley DuPré, the woman who ended Eliot Spitzer’s political career.

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Who is Ashley DuPré?

DuPré, now a part of the Earle family, was a huge player in the resignations New York Governor Elliot Spitzer in 2008. She was a struggling singer and on the side, a call girl. Although Spitzer faced huge damage to both his career and reputation, DuPré gained notoriety.

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Despite Thomas Earle being married, he and DuPré became involved in 2008, being seen together flirting in New Jersey. The two began an affair that resulted in the divorce between Thomas and his ex-wife Alisa, Alix’s mother. DuPré and Thomas got engaged in 2012 as DuPré was pregnant.

While the story is quite crazy, according to Alix Earle’s TikTok account, her family seems to get along great. She just posted a video with her siblings on a family cruise. All in all, Alix has four siblings, all of which she appears to have lots of love for. So as far as her family goes, it seems to be a healthy environment for the popular influencer.

Alix Earle, Unrealistically Real

Given that Alix’s family history is more complex and notorious than many of us, she gives a sense that she is relatable to her followers. Yes, she is a model with platinum blonde hair, a great boyfriend, goes to parties –– seemingly –– every day, has every designer brand in her closet, and gets invited to dreamy brand trips.

Photo from @alix_earle on Instagram

But at the core of it all, she interacts with her followers frequently in her comments, posts her goofy side, and talks about the more “real” side of living a lavish and party lifestyle. Behind all the glamour and fun, Alix shows that she is just a girl like most of her followers and struggles with self-image issues like acne.

There isn’t a lot about her that screams stuck-up or rude, which is why she is doing so well on TikTok right now.

She has worked with brands like White Fox, Tarte, Princess Polly, Amazon, Bloom Nutrition, and more. So it’s safe to say she is killing the influencer game right now and we are obsessed.

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