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If you were one of the lucky ones able to attend the Bacardi Party over a month ago at Champs Downtown, chances are you’ve been hooked on EDM ever since seeing Loud Luxury’s contagious set. But while Loud Luxury has been one of the many DJ groups at the forefront of the genre since their hit “Body” back in 2018, there’s a new artist we should all stay on the lookout for to bring a new wave of house music— Fred again.. 

Having been circulating around TikTok for his legendary boiler room performances, Fred again.., formally known as Fred Gibson, is a 29-year-old DJ, producer and artist hailing from South London, and is most known for his emotional yet hypnotic producing. 

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A lot of his songs are titled with names and with an emotion attached to them, for instance “Danielle (smile on my face),” a song that gives the feelings of a typical upbeat house rhythm but is evened out with hard bass hits, hard hitting lyrics and a futuristic feel.

“I’m safe in your arms

And if I die in your arms

There’ll be a smile on my face”

It is this diary like form of Fred again..’s songs that are what makes performances such as his boiler rooms so iconic and freeing, making anyone who watched on a screen want to be there to feel the emotion in the room. It’s what makes the boiler room so much more than what you would normally think of as a rave— crowded, overstimulated and raunchy.

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The boiler room is a place where not only you can see the way that people actually connect to the music they’re listening to, but also the heart and soul the musician puts into every single beat. It makes it a show that is more about allowing a listener to feel with he feels, which is hard to come by in the music industry these days. In a way, his music makes you feel at ease and relaxed. Whether you’re in one of his famous boiler rooms or listening on your way to class, there’s something that feels elevated about his music in how different it is from any other mainstream EDM artist.

But, with any new genre there is always an acquired taste, and that doesn’t exclude Fred again.. 

Here are some of VALLEY’s song recommendations to introduce you to what we feel is an artist on the rise worth looking out for.

  1. Jungle
  2. Danielle (smile on my face) 
  3. Turn On The Lights again.. (feat. Future)
  4. Dermot (see yourself in my eyes)
  5. Jessie (i miss you)

If these songs don’t make you feel like you’re a main character in your own movie, well, then we don’t know what will. 

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