Hailey Bieber & Selena Gomez…Friends?

Photo from @valleymag on Instagram

Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez broke the internet with their picture taken together at Academy Museum Gala in Los Angeles this past Sunday. Fans were shocked after the image was brought to social media as the pair had not been seen together in years. What prompted this picture to happen? Are Bieber and Gomez friends at last? Keep reading to find out.

How Did This Photo Occur?

Fans were not expecting this duo to willingly take a picture together, especially after Bieber’s feature on the podcast Call Her Daddy. Bieber was questioned by the host Alex Cooper regarding her relationship with Gomez and where the two stand. Bieber did claim that she received lots of hate after marrying Justin Bieber.

Many Gomez fans were angered that the Biebers had gotten married. Justin and Gomez did have a history and were together for around eight years but they were relatively young. A lot had changed since they had broken up and fans could not seem to let that go. The two seemed to have wanted to prove to fans that they are in fact civil and can move past the drama.

Were Bieber And Gomez Ever Friends?

Due to the drama surrounding Justin Bieber and how fans handled the marriage, Gomez and Bieber were never exactly friends. Just because they were never seen together or photographed together did not mean they did not like each other which is what fans assumed.

Photo from Pinterest.com

As for if the two will be seen together in the future, that is unknown. It could have been a one-time picture in order to clear the air for fans and for the sake of both of their sanity. They wanted to end hate on both of their sides and let fans know that everyone could move on and continue living their lives. You never know, they could end up being closer than we all think!

With topics like this, we want to hear what the fans think. If you have any ideas of what could happen in the future or what your thoughts are on the pictures posted, tweet us @VALLEYmag!



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