Hidden Gems in Packed Racks: Thrifting Tips and Tricks

Packed racks of clothing, single digits on the price tags and miscellaneous objects scattered all throughout the home decor department can only mean one thing – we’re in a thrift store! Thrifting is a great way to be eco-friendly while trying new clothing trends at a low cost and finding great new pieces for your home, all while saving yourself from having to send your wallet to the morgue. At times, thrifting can seem overwhelming and may appear to be a waste of time if you aren’t equipped with the right thrifting tricks. Whether you’re a regular at your local thrift store or if thrifting is a new venture you have been wanting to try, VALLEY is here to give you some tips and techniques to make your thrifting experience a great one.

Get In Loser, We’re Going Thrifting

Set an early morning alarm because we are starting the day early. Beginning your day of thrifting earlier in the day will save you the hassle of shopping in an overcrowded thrift store. The earlier you thrift, the fewer people will be there, and the more time you will have to thoroughly look through packed racks.

Knowing which thrift stores to explore first can be a challenge in itself. There are several different types of thrift stores – all with their own unique features. The first set of thrift stores includes Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet – these stores are resale retailers that buy and resell clothes from customers. The next set of thrift stores are the ones typically thought of when someone says, “Let’s go thrifting!” These include Goodwill, Savers and the Salvation Army – aka the favorites. In the last set, we have Value Village and Outlet Thrift Stores – which sells by the pound — yes we did say by the pound.

Before you set out to go thrifting, decide which type of thrift store you want to explore, find the best ones in your location and begin your day of thrifting!

Activate Planning Process

Your inner parental instinct is getting switched on for these next few tips. To have a successful day of thrifting also means you’ll need to be prepared. Bring cash – some thrift stores may not accept cards, especially for such low total amounts.

Wear some comfy clothes! A lack of dressing rooms may result in you trying some clothing pieces on for reference, and you’ll be digging through many racks of clothing so being comfy is a very important step in thrifting effectively.

Experiment, Create, Repeat

The last piece to the puzzle is to develop a shopping plan-of-action that you can stick to. Walk into the thrift store having an idea of what you want to find and stay on track – as the packed racks of clothing can be quite distracting.

Look at the different patterns, textures and colors that may catch your eye even if it’s not in your usual retail section. Great finds are hidden all over thrift stores as sizing is different when it comes to used or vintage clothing.

Being open-minded will help your overall experience that much more as you can begin to create your own one-of-a-kind looks.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new looks and trends since prices are so low; it’s the perfect time to add something new to your closet.

Thrifting for great new pieces is a unique experience you can enjoy in any town you visit – each having its own hidden treasures buried within the clothing racks.


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