Goodwill Hunting: Macklemore’s Got It

We’re college students– and money doesn’t grow on trees. This used to mean cutting down on your clothing purchases, but no more! There are tons of fun, stylish and cheap treasures waiting to be found at thrift stores. Each week, Daphne Weidner will take you on a thrifty journey to prove that being tight on money does not mean sacrificing style. Let’s get thrifty.

Well, you’ve had a whole week to kick back, chill with family and friends and eat some delicious, homemade food (hallelujah). Because I was too busy with eating and sleeping and eating some more, I didn’t get the chance to actually visit a thrift store this week. I know, so sad.

While I might not have been physically in a store, the spirit of thrifting was with me all week. All thanks to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and their new song, “Thrift Shop.”

The song is of course great on its own, but I recommend watching the video to get the full effect. Macklemore sporting a huge fur coat is just too good to miss. I wish everyone looked like that while thrift shopping.

“Thrift Shop” deserves to be my anthem not only because of its awesome beat and video. The lyrics are practically my life philosophy in a nutshell:

“What you know about rocking a wolf on your noggin?
What you knowing about wearing a fur fox skin?
I’m digging, I’m digging, I’m searching right through that luggage
One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come up”

Alright, not the most meaningful lyrics out there. And while the song is poking fun at the new and sometimes ridiculous fad of thrift shopping, I don’t think Macklemore’s intention was to make fun of it. It seems to me that he’s a genuine fan of thrifting and understands the benefits.

“They be like ‘Oh that Gucci, that’s hella tight’
I’m like ‘Yo, that’s fifty dollars for a t-shirt’”

Macklemore has become quite successful with his music, and I’m sure he could afford 50 dollar t-shirts. I wonder if he actually practices what he’s preaching in this song.

Either way, I will continue to listen to this song on repeat and appreciate Macklemore’s talent while wearing my big wolf sweatshirt from Goodwill.

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