Country Chick Meets City Chic

Style trends change every season, every year and even every day, but how do style trends change from place to place? A country girl at heart moving to the city can be a culture shock as well as a wardrobe shock. VALLEY has some tips on how to still rock the southern style with a hint of sleek city-like pieces that could wow any urbanite.

Overdress the Overalls

Overalls are often deemed as the typical “country” piece of clothing. This is mainly because they’re seen as being worn by farmers or people from the country, so there’s no fashion appeal to them. However, more recently, overalls have become a staple piece of clothing in every college girl’s wardrobe because they’re actually incredibly versatile. They come in three variations of bottoms: shorts, pants or skirts. Layering overalls with crop tops, bandeaus or even long sleeve shirts is so in right now. After choosing a top to wear, it could be fun to dress up the outfit with a necklace or bracelet along with a cute pair of shoes such as heels or converse.

Bling out the Blouse

Blouses are super easy to wear: they’re loose and flowy, and they look good with any type of bottom. Typically, blouses are solid colors, so they can be worn with patterns and accessories. If you’re looking to outdo a basic blouse look, dress it up with a pair of flare jeans and wedges. Some blouses even look good with denim or patterned skirts — ideal for a night out on the town. Shorter bottoms also give way to show off your shoes. If you’re feeling bold, add accessories like a necklace, bracelets or rings to make your outfit stand out even more.

Make Plaid Pretty

When you think of anything plaid, your mind immediately goes to that black and red pattern that is stereotypically worn by a lumberjack or farmer. Not all plaid looks exactly like that. Plaid patterns come in all colors and color tones, so it’s easy to to be worn with any bottom at any time. To dress up a plaid top, a pair of skinny jeans with heels would be ideal for a night out. If you want to experiment with the pattern, try out a solid color top with plaid bottoms and heels, making your look fashionable, comfortable and eye-catching. Again, you can never go wrong with adding some accessories to tie your look together.

Bring Back Cowboy Boots

Looking to ditch the heels for something more comfortable? Bring out the cowboy boots for the ultimate look of style and comfort. Some pairs of cowboy boots have a small heel to them, so you’re not ditching that extra height entirely. If you’re planning for a long night out on the town, tie your outfit together with some cowboy boots so you’re not hurting by the time you get home. These boots can be paired with a casual dress or even a crop top with a denim skirt. Either way, you definitely want to make sure you can show off these shoes with any type of outfit.


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