HERE State College…Or Not

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As the fall semester is starting to pick up, everyone is settled in their new apartments or dorms, well, except for some students who live in the HERE.

As the weekend of August 22-23 approached, residents of the HERE State College were very excited to start the semester in the newly built apartment building. With a lot of amenities and luxury rooms, the HERE had so much to offer. A few days before move-in, residents on the 11th and 12th floors and other select apartments were told that they could not move in until Sunday, the 23rd. Many were upset about this slight inconvenience, but they had no idea what was to come. They told residents that they could not move in until that Sunday due to not having the certificate of occupancy.

A few days later, the HERE informed the same group of residents that they will not be moving in on Sunday the 23rd and were unsure of when the residents could move in. Residents were very upset, as they needed somewhere to live for the start of classes. The HERE put students in the Days Inn, and students called it home for the next few weeks.

The HERE finally communicated with residents and told them the individual dates they could move in, depending on where they live in the building. Some were told they could move in on Sept. 1st, while others could move in on the 6th, and unfortunately, some will not be able to move in until the 13th.

What upset the residents the most, was the communication. It seemed as though the HERE knew that the residents would not be able to move in the original weekend, but failed to communicate with the residents.

Rylee Homan, a resident of the HERE says, “The leasing/management team handled the situation very poorly by not notifying students until the last minute”.

The regional manager of the HERE, Courtney Daisey, apologized on behalf of the HERE by saying, “We sincerely apologize for the delays and confusion unfolding at HERE State College. We have constructed and delivered over 50 communities and 25,000+ bedrooms in our company’s history. While construction delays do happen, we have always done a much better job of proactively communicating with our residents and parents.”

She went on to say that the COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the construction of the building, as they had to stop working for 6 weeks.

The HERE gave a $1000 credit to residents, and also gave them a $50 credit per day to pay for food. Many who are moving in hope that all of the miscommunication and living out of a hotel is worth it.


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