Take A Mini-Spring Break Vacation

_DSC6179With the beginning of spring break already underway, you may feel a little bummed if your only plans include watching TV with your mom and hitting your hometown froyo spot. But having a great spring break doesn’t require going to a tropical destination and basking in the warm sun all day long.  Here are a few of our favorite simple yet equally fun “mini-vacations” that you can create right in your own home state!

Spa Weekend

You know that local hotel you’ve driven by hundreds of times? Why not rent a room for the weekend? Bring all of the spa essentials and create your own spa getaway. Make a mani-pedi station, a facial station and a massage area. Don’t forget the fuzzy slippers and fun drinks (bonus points if they have those tiny umbrellas in them, too).

Movie Marathon

Try transforming your basement into the ultimate movie theatre. Take advantage of that Netflix account and pick a television series to tackle― guaranteed hours of entertainment! Have plenty of munchies on hand, comfy pillows and blankets, and you’re set for a solid week of entertainment.

Scare Yourself!

Do you have an ultimate fear? Are you an adrenaline junkie? In nearly every state there are several places where you can go to get your thrills curbed indoors. Whatever it is, just make sure to do something outside of your comfort zone. It’s a great bonding experience with friends and is sure to leave you with lasting memories.

Become a Tourist

Drive 45 minutes away from you. Don’t plan the destination or what you want to do there. Just be spontaneous and go! You’ll soon discover yourself feeling like a tourist in your own state. Explore the local shopping, restaurants and attractions that the town has to offer. It’s always fun to road trip, even if you are just a short drive away from home.

Whatever you do this spring break, making the most out of any situation is the only way to go through life with a positive outlook. Don’t be bummed simply because you didn’t plan on a lavish vacation. Instead, take this as an opportunity to get creative and have a budget friendly spring break at home.

Photo by Sam Florio


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