Finding Your Playground

AshleyMililloFindYourPlayground1At a time in our lives when we do so much of what we do simply because we have to, when can we find time for ourselves? In high school, we made a huge deal about spending 3 hours on our homework, but we still had time to play sports, join clubs, and just lounge around.

Now, we’ve given up so much of what we used to do for ourselves that we can barely find time to go to the gym, read for pleasure, or keep up with our TV shows the way that we used to.

Eventually, all of that stress that we’re not releasing builds up.

That’s why we need to learn to make time for ourselves again; we need to find our playgrounds.

Finding your playground is simple. Ask yourself what you most like to do, what relaxes you and captures your attention so that you can’t focus on anything else going on in your life― stress from school, any drama with friends or boyfriends, nada.

Then, make the time to actually do it.

Rearrange your schedule so that you can go for an afternoon run, or end the day by reading a book you actually like in bed. It helps you decompress from your day, relieve tension, and also helps you find solutions to the problems that are causing you grief by forcing you to stop obsessing over them.

Plus, it makes you a better time manager.

Chellsy Costello, a sophomore PR major, says that when she’s stressed out she likes to, “either go to the gym or take a break from it. I go talk to people on my floor and then go back to working so it’s not so much at once.”

Christina Hess, a freshman finance major, also finds that exercise is a good way to keep her mind at ease. Hess likes to go running when she needs peace of mind because, “it kind of just clears your mind…you’re not really focusing on anything else” while you’re running.

Whatever you choose as your playground is up to you; all that matters is that you can always return to it when you need relief.

So go on, go out and play!

Photo by Ashley Milillo

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