Have A Very Hygge Holiday

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The Danish word “hygge”, pronounced hue-guh, embodies that feeling of content comfort whether it is from the atmosphere surrounding you or the people you are sharing a safe moment of time with. From creating a cozy ambiance for a mindful night alone to being present when with the people you love most, adopting the mindset of hygge this holiday season will make it one for the books, even if it looks different than ones in the past. 

With this semester finally coming to an end, now is a great time to unwind and focus on the simple things in life which is the whole idea of hygge. The word is actually a defining part of the culture in Denmark which may very be a reason that they are one of the happiest countries in the world.

They use hygge, to sum up the feeling that people get when they indulge in life’s simple pleasures that all contribute to well-being in a comforting rather than strenuous way. Think family baking, outdoor elements, crackling fires and candles, game nights, and of course all of the knitted sweaters. You know, the things that make you feel right at home wherever you may be. 

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Though hygge is attainable year-round, it is undeniable that the concept goes hand in hand in with the winter holidays. Introduce a little hygge to your routine with these ideas below.

Set the tone

Lighting is a big part of creating a mood and is central to the idea of making a room comfortable. Nothing is more hygge than burning wood in a fireplace, but loads of candles, firefly lights and warm lamps give a similar aura.

Next, be sure to incorporate naturistic decor for a Christmas cabin feeling such as pine cones, spruce wreaths and of course trees! The more nature, the better as it does wonders for mental health as well. Amp up the coziness factor with an abundance of fleece throw blankets and pillows. 

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Get Present

With the break in school, there is finally some time to spend focusing on the things that can easily get neglected because of the demands of school obligations. Over the holiday break, be sure to actively set aside time to be alone with yourself to focus on your own mental wellbeing.

Snuggle up with a book, bundle up for a leisurely walk outside or binge out in your favorite holiday movies under the blankets. Also, spend the evenings with those you love like family and close friends playing games, talking around the fire or baking holiday treats. No matter what activities you take part in, take the pressure to constantly be tuned in to what everyone else is doing and instead focus on exactly where you are. 

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Indulge In Your Favorite Things (You Deserve It)

It can be easy to let the holiday season stress us out by focusing on finding the perfect presents, refraining from the dessert table or making it to every function on the calendar. Instead of doing things out of obligation that will result in unhappiness, slow down and allow yourself to enjoy the things that actually bring you joy without feeling bad.

That could look like anything from spending your money on a ski trip with friends to drinking multiple hot chocolates regardless of calories. The things that make us feel happy should not be denied and can lead to capturing the feeling of hygge. 

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Have yourself a hygge holiday season this winter break. Tag us on Instagram, @VALLEYmag, with all your favorite hygge moments!


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