VALLEY’s Holiday Gift Guide

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If you’re like us, you struggle to find the perfect gifts for your family and friends during the holidays. Say no more, because VALLEY is here to come to the rescue!

For this holiday season, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to organize some of our favorite things that we think would be perfect for each member of your family and friends.

What To Get For Mom

You can never go wrong with a set of comfy pajamas! VALLEY recommends a nice sleek Eberjey set. These pajamas start at $89, but if you sign up for emails, you get 10% off.

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Candle sets are a great gift as the wide selection of scents is suitable for each individual. Bloomingdales sells candle sets that come with a variety of different candles to try! Made by Voluspa, this gift is something mom would love to have.

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Body Care! Everyone loves nice smelling lotions and body gels that leave their skin feeling smooth and fresh. VALLEY recommends Byredo’s Gypsy Water Lotion paired with their Gypsy Water Shower Gel. This gel and lotion will not only serve its purpose as a body cleanser and moisturizer but can give one an at-home spa experience.

What To Get For Dad
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The Roku is the perfect gift for dads who love to watch TV but can never decide what to watch. Their devices start at $49.

With an electric wine opener, your dad will no longer have to worry about getting bits of the cork stuck in his wine, or having to fidget with the wine opener because this tool now does all the work for him.

Travel mugs are another suitable present for all! Regardless if your dad is a coffee or tea drinker, travel mugs come in all shapes and sizes with designs on them if wanted. Starbucks travel mugs are a great gift for Dad so he can easily take his coffee on the go. Plus, if he brings his own mug to Starbucks, then he gets a discount on his drink.

What to Get For Siblings and Friends

The AirPods case with a cleaning kit gift is a two-for-one special! It comes in a sleek leather case that is paired with a full cleaning kit for your AirPods because let’s be honest, we know how gross our headphones can get.

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A beanie is an easy and cool gift to get for really anyone this year, and these Kith Beanies are definitely the beanies to go with!

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While we know concerts are currently canceled, concert tickets can be purchased as a gift for later. There are a lot of shows that have been postponed to next year. Definitely consider surprising your friends or siblings with concert tickets this year

Another gift suitable for music lovers is the Amazon Echo. The Echo is a voice-activated device that connects to utilities and electronics around your home. It’s almost like giving the gift of a personal assistant!

Finding the perfect gift for your loved ones can be hard and exhausting. Always remember, it’s the thought that counts! No matter the size of the gift, your loved one is bound to appreciate anything you get.


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