Harry Styles Returns to Glam Rock During Love On Tour

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Harry Styles is well renowned for his iconic suits and eye-catching costumes, his outfits have not disappointed during his second concert tour — Love On Tour.

Styled by Harry Lambert, a fashion stylist from London known for taking risks and garnering explosive reactions, Styles continually pulls off glam rock looks that wow his audiences. The reasoning behind getting creative with these looks? “I think the world has seen enough plain black tuxes and pretty dresses,” Lambert told Coveteur.

So far during Love On Tour, Styles has had various opportunities to show off his true, personal style. Each night brings a new distinct look, all of which have certainly impressed VALLEY. Here is a breakdown of his first 10 outfits.

Las Vegas
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The tour began with a vivid pink ensemble custom-made entirely by Gucci, a designer Styles is known for working with. Styles wore an open vest with pink sequined fringe, matching pink wide-leg pants and no shirt. His cream patent leather boots completed the look.

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Styles traded his pink high-waisted wide-leg pants to a red pair for the second night of Love On Tour. Still completely custom-made by Gucci, his shirt was white and blue striped, and red suspenders were added as an extra bonus. He completed the ensemble with a pair of red leather boots to match his pants.

San Antonio
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In San Antonio, Styles wore another custom Gucci outfit: a shimmering light purple top with cream high-waisted pants and matching suspenders. For this look, he also wore the nude patent boots he debuted in Las Vegas.

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For night four of Love on Tour, Styles’ outfit two contrasting nude colors, again entirely Gucci. The vanilla satin pants were combined with a basic silk blouse in a darker hue of cream. The nude patent boots were brought back once more, making them a tour staple.

St. Louis
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With this orange ensemble, Styles resumed his Love On Tour theme of gleaming shirts and high-waisted pants made by Gucci. The gleaming, metallic sheen of his shirt contrasted beautifully with his vibrant matte slacks and suspenders.

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Styles shone once more in Gucci, this time in a silk pink shirt with an interlocking G design and high-waisted pair of blue pants. He combined this with the previously worn pair of suspenders and boots, in what has become his signature Love On Tour silhouette.

Washington D.C.
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In Washington D.C., Styles opted for a complete Gucci lavender look. His silver flowery print silk shirt stood out against the flat purple trousers and suspenders he donned. Styles also returned back to his signature pair of cream patent leather boots, after a brief dip into white footwear.

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Continuing his pattern of custom Gucci outfits, Styles brought back the glitter he glistened in in Las Vegas for the ninth show of Love on Tour. He glammed up his appearance somewhat with teal slacks covered in light-catching glitter. The outfit was finished with a silk crimson shirt and cream leather boots.

St. Paul, Minn.
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With another tour date comes yet another Gucci ensemble. Styles wore a monochromatic seafoam blue ensemble consisting of slacks and a shimmering top that contrasted nicely. He finished the look with the pair of cream patent leather boots that he’s been wearing all tour.

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At his first Chicago show, Styles wore a pair of lavender high-waisted pants in the same style as the pair he wore in Washington, DC, but in a somewhat lighter tint. He chose to wear a glitter black shirt this time, with a pair of black leather boots.

With a number of tour dates remaining, Styles is bound to rock a few more unique glam looks. Have any predictions for what he’ll wear next? Tweet us, @VALLEYmag, and let us know!


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