Grab Your Tweezers: The Skinny Brow is Back!

Photo posted by @bellahadid on Instagram

Continuing its nostalgia for 90s glamour, the 2020s have resurrected an old favorite with a modern upgrade, the skinny brow. In contrast with the bold “block brow” that reigned over the late 2010s and the fluffy, “au natural” styles that emerged during the pandemic, this retro look is not for the faint of heart.

With models such as Bella Hadid rocking the avant-garde style with aplomb, it’s no wonder that the skinny brow and its recognizable arch are now seen parading down the runway and decorating our social media feeds. 

A Classic with a New Arch

Modern Skinny Brow
Photo posted by @bellahadid on Instagram

Although narrow brows are in fashion once again, the style has been reimagined to adhere to the times. The original skinny brow, sported by celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, featured a rounded arch and was often the result of plucking the natural brow into a state of oblivion. Once finished, the barren yet defined eyebrow could be worn alone, or outfitted with a pomade for a more precise appearance. 

Original 90s Skinny Brow
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In recent years, cosmetics trends have come to favor a more elevated eyebrow shape, with the tail lifting away from the eye’s outer corner, framing the face in a sculpted manner. The nostalgic 90s skinny brow has evolved, which it adorns this trending angle, leaving its circular twentieth-century contour in the past. 

Authentic and in Vogue
Photo posted by @dilek_dogan_phiacademy on Instagram

The harsh, drawn-on features of the original skinny brow have also been re-engineered with modern ideas in mind. While the 90s celebrated a false eyebrow sketched over a heavily tweezed surface, the pandemic inspired cosmetics lovers to embrace their own brows during a time when makeup was impractical.

In an attempt to remain in fashion, the skinny brow underwent another transformation, leaving pomades and pencils behind. Although avid trend-followers will likely need to resort to their tweezers to look like Bella Hadid, this rendition of the classic brow adopts a natural look, and waves goodbye to the artificial nature of the eyebrows that ruled the 90s and reappeared in the 2010s.

Your Eyebrows, Your Rules

Reborn by the influence of celebrity popularization and modern-day ingenuity, the skinny brow has reclaimed its place in the beauty world. However, like any other trend, it is not to everyone’s liking. VALLEY encourages you to rock whichever eyebrow look makes you feel most confident, no matter how much tweezing it takes to get there. 

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