Keeping Our Hair Heated and Healthy

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You love it. We love it. Everybody loves it. And what exactly is it that we all just love so much? Well, it’s the Revlon Hot Air Brush.

The Revlon Hair Air Brush allows you to achieve the look of a salon blowout without the price of a trip to the salon or the infamous Dyson Airwrap. While you can’t deny how the Revlon tool gives us all that effortless, clean girl aesthetic, there’s just one thing that we’ll never be able to run away from — the amount of damage it causes to our hair.

Who knew something we love so deeply could hurt so good? So while we know we may never be able to give up on our beloved Revlon brushes, here’s VALLEY’s take on how to keep our hair healthy while still using heat.

Option 1: Take a Break From the Heat

It’s hard to break such a routine habit — washing our hair after a few days, using our best products and finishing off with the Revlon. It’s almost therapeutic. But who’s to say we can’t do that without damaging our hair in the process?

Now, we’re not saying to stop using it completely, but remember to take some time to let your hair breathe. After all, it saves us an extra step in our self-care rituals in our busy college schedules. In between washes and styling days, you could mix up your hair routine by throwing on a hat or braiding your hair to avoid using heat.

Option 2: Consult With a Stylist

There’s no one more qualified to consult with about using the Revlon than hairstylists. If you won’t find yourself in a salon anytime soon or simply don’t know what questions to ask, VALLEY’s got you covered. Here’s what Laura, a stylist at Viva Bella in downtown State College, had to say about the Revlon:

VALLEY: What’s your take on the new at-home salon blowout trend and the Revlon Blow Dry brush?

Laura: Honestly, the idea of the Revlon Blow Dry brush is awesome and it’s no surprise that it’s trending. And as a stylist on a budget myself, I fully understand not wanting to spend the money to get your hair blown out every day. But I would want to clarify that it’s more of a hot tool like a curling iron rather than a blow-dyer. 

V: Are there any styling tips and tricks you recommend?

L: Not to sound like a broken record, but always start with a heat protectant and not with any other product. We want to protect our actual hair strands and not our products! With that said, a nice mousse with some hold, a blow-dry oil or a smoothing creme can go a long way. And don’t be afraid to preserve your hard work with some hair spray. I would also recommend a nourishing hair mask with lactic acid because it works to nourish hair from the inside out. 

V: Why is it so damaging for our hair? And what can we do?

L: When it comes down to it, the dose is the poison. Overuse and overheating are bound to cause damage and breakage like any other hot tool. We all want our hair to look amazing, but get your hair the rest it needs. With that being said, depending on your hair type I recommend drying your hair about 80-90% of the way before even reaching for the Revlon. 

V: Anything else we should know about?

L: If your hair is chemically treated (including colored, keratin treated, etc.) absolutely use a heat protectant and be especially careful. And if your hair is lightened or bleached, keep the heat settings low and make sure you keep an eye on your hair. 

So with that, we’re running to the store for a hair mask and letting our natural locks loose before we decide to put heat in our hair again.

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