Goodies for Game Day: Cute Accessories for Penn State Football Games

IMG_8575-2Ever look at your closet full of clothes and thought, “I have nothing to wear?”

This only leads to more stress and unwanted pimples for the night, which we all don’t want to deal with the morning after. So what should you do, if the big football game is tomorrow, and your options in your closet are scarce?

Little did you know there are a few shops downtown that can do justice to the little matters we seem to overlook on game day, while all being fashionably cute.

1. Navy Knit Gloves

Since we’re steering into fall weather, many of you will find yourselves looking for a good accessory that can keep you warm but also show school pride. If one were to head down to Old State Clothing Co., they would find a cute pair of Nittany Lion gloves that would be a great accessory this fall. Only at $13.99, the Navy Knit Gloves can make you feel 5 times better about doing the wave in the student section without worrying about if your hands are going to fall out due to frost bite.

2. Legacy Flower Headband

If you’re like me and you have this thing where you’re not Beyoncé and there isn’t gigantic fans blowing in your face to help decrease the sweat, then you definitely need a back up plan. If you go to the Lions Pride store downtown, you will find the Legacy Flower Headband. This headband wouldn’t only be good because it prevents sweat from beaming down your face, but is a cute addition to your outfit as well. With the nittany lion logo in the center of navy petals, coming in at $13.00, this headband would be a good investment for all year! So move, over Beyoncé, we got a plan B, and it has nothing to do with you.

3. Bali Beaded Bracelets

Every outfit needs a pop of color. Whether it be cute nails, a bright lip color or even some bracelets, it is always necessary to have something that stands out in your outfit to make a statement. Dwellings is a boutique shop downtown that has the best accessories when it comes to pop out colors. When going into the accessories section, you can help yourself to a variety of choices. The Bali Beaded Bracelets would be just the right thing you’re looking for. With its pop of colors such as red, yellow and coral at only $8.00 for a pack, is a deal that is worth the steal and would definitely make your wrist poppin’.

4. Mesh Pocket ID Holder

Satchels aren’t allowed in the stadium, but one needs a secure place to put their id and other important cards. Satchels are heavy and seem to fill up quick and no one wants to deal with the unnecessary weight while yelling on their top of their lungs in the student section, so a Mesh Pocket ID Holder from The Clothes Line store downtown would fix the problem! For only $11.99 its embroidered with our school colors along with a mesh detail, allowing for more space and breather room for your belongings (school id, keys, chap stick, gum, etc).

With these essential items, the overlooked small matters can be taken care of and the problem of staring at your closet the night before game day can be finally solved.

Photo by Skylar Yuen

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