The Spirit Jersey Takeover

SpiritJerseys_SkylarYuenThey’re everywhere. If you go to Penn State, chances are you have one of these in your closet. You wear them to bed, to the library, to your 8 a.m. class, to work and every place in between.

It’s the spirit jersey takeover.

When it comes to these uber comfortable tees, it’s like the fashion gods blessed this shirt with comfort and cuteness. It is almost impossible not to spot at least one person walking across campus wearing a spirit jersey, and no one’s complaining.

What started out as a t-shirt meant for rowers quickly spread to the wardrobes of sorority girls. But since then, the spirit jersey has taken over the closets of what feels like every girl at UPark. From the classic blue and white to more bright lilacs and mints, there is something for everyone.

“They’ve been very popular. The different colors have expanded [at our store]. We started with just navy and white, and then we moved on to the comfort colors. We’re always experimenting with new colors to see what sells,” says buyer Noah Lichtig of the growing selection of spirit jerseys.

The tees first became popular last spring, but are quickly taking over our fall wardrobes. But with the growing sales, the question begs: where did the obsession come from?

“They’re the perfect mix between a long sleeve and comfy boyfriend tee. It’s like a man’s shirt, but cute. You can feel like a boyfriend in it,” says senior and Political Science and French Linguistics major Karen Villacis.

Let’s be real, we’re all secretly looking for the perfect boyfriend tee, even if the actual boyfriend is TBD.

It looks like the spirit jersey craze isn’t going anywhere, and finally the time has come to pair your long sleeve with your fall boots. (Isn’t that what we’ve all been secretly waiting for?) So whether you are repping those Greek letters or looking for a comfy shirt to study in, grab your spirit jersey before they’re gone. Make the investment – your wardrobe will thank you.

 Photo by Skylar Yuen

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