Go Glam Halloween Make-Up

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.30.35 PMIf you are like me, then you haven’t had much time this year to think about a Halloween costume –or multiple costumes– that you will need this week. Sometimes just one exciting accessory or fun make-up idea can really get your creativity flowing. For those of you who are struggling to put together a unique costume this year, here are some notable, girly, glitzy Halloween make-up looks.

These three looks will have you steal the attention of an entire room. Not only are they fun and easy, but they are not the typical cat or bunny costume. All three of these costumes were also handmade so don’t bother spending your money on outfits that will be duplicated all over Beaver Avenue. This Halloween, with these looks, irresistible confidence, and a smile on your face, all eyes will be on you.


Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.31.56 PM

For colorful peacock eyes, you will need at least three bright colors. This look is not as difficult as it looks. Simply, start with an eye shadow primer to make sure the color stays on all night. Take your first color and sweep 1/3 of your eyelid. Do the same with the rest of the colors. Next, with the same order of colors, use a thin, flat brush to lightly dust the colors under your bottom lashes. Finish with liquid liner and fake lashes and prepare to stop people in their tracks.

White Swan

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.31.23 PM

For white swan make-up, you will need stick-on gems and glitter. You can find these at Michael’s. I began by completely covering the eyelid in silver shadow. I used white eye shadow to highlight the brow bone, inner corners of the eye and under the bottom lashes. I used a dark gray on the arch of the eye and black on the outer corners to create a smoky eye. Next, add eyeliner and the fake lashes. With the gems, I used the smallest size to line the top of the eye, on top of the eyeliner. I then used the largest gems all around the eye. Lastly, dust with glitter for some extra glam.


Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 6.32.40 PM

To create a mermaid look, take blue and green and cover the entire eyelid. Use a light shadow, like white, gold or light pink to highlight the brow bone. Take more shadow and brush it into the corners of your eyes and under your lashes. Don’t sweep color too far under your eyes or it will look like you have a bruised eye. Have fun with it and add gems anywhere and everywhere. Don’t forget to line your eyes with liner and fake lashes!

Photos provided by Christina Monteleone


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