What to Know and Do Before Visiting a Gynecologist for the First Time

Zucker_questionsforgynoBeing a girl, there are certain doctors visits we dread more than others. To help ease some of the anxiety, we’ve provided eight helpful tips about what a woman should know and do before her first trip to the lady doctor.

1. If you can, see a female gynecologist

To make this situation just a little less awkward than what it is, try to book an appointment with a female gynecologist. Even though it still may seem uneasy, just think about how much more awkward, “This feels pretty good, you’re doing great,” would be with a male gynecologist.

2. Mind over matter

Don’t allow yourself to spend so much time thinking about the obvious such as, “OMG someone is going to be looking inside my vagina.” Yes, someone is going to be looking, but this time it’s for your health so no biggie.

3. Your gynecologists is going to go there

Common procedures require your gynecologist to feel for any abnormalities using their fingers and a speculum for a clear view inside. Both procedures are done for your benefit so if you feel any discomfort, notify your gynecologist.

4. Clean up

At least a week before your exam, “clean up” your special area for your gynecologist visit. It will make you less self-conscious and allow things to run smoother for your doctor.

5. Talk to someone’s who had been

To calm your nerves, have a talk with someone who has been before. They can share their likes and dislikes which can help your experience by discussing your preferences with your doctor.

6. What happens at the gynecologist… you know

Don’t worry, whatever information is obtained at the gynecologist is between you and your doctor.

7. Be honest

Now that you’re aware of the confidentiality pact, be honest with your gynecologist. It will be difficult for your doctor to properly examine or diagnose you if you’re biting your tongue about crucial facts.

8. Listen to your gynecologist

Your gynecologist’s job is to make sure you’re taking great care of your body and for you to do so, you have to listen to their remarks. If you have any questions about your body prior to the appointment, feel free to ask. The more you are educated about your body, the better you will be able to detect when something is wrong.

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