Five of the Best Natural and Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Brands

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A common misconception is that in order for cleaning products to work, they must be packed with strong chemicals. However, eco-friendly and natural cleaning brands are just as effective and they come with many perks. From sustainable packaging to harmless ingredients, VALLEY has come up with some of the most trusted brands to check out just in time for spring cleaning.

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The carbon-neutral brand, Ecos, has been around for 50 plus years, delivering customers with sustainable and green cleaning products. With a focus on the environment and climate change, Ecos has adopted clean manufacturing and sustainable business practices that leave a positive impact on the planet. Ecos was certified true platinum zero waste in 2015 and water neutral in 2016. All four of their factories in the United States were strategically placed to reduce carbon emissions from shipping. Two of the best sellers include the Hypoallergenic Laundry Detergent PLUS with Enzymes and the All-Purpose Cleaner.

You can shop Ecos here.

Mrs. Meyer’s
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If you are looking for cleaning products that come in garden-inspired scents and recycle packaging, look no further and say hello to Mrs. Meyer’s. Created with essential oils and other plant-derived ingredients such as coconuts, olives and soy, Mrs. Meyer’s products get the job done. All products are free of harmful ingredients such as chlorine and artificial colorants. A best seller is the Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner, which comes in 20 different scents to choose from.

You can shop Mrs. Meyer’s here.

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With over 25,000 five-star reviews and over 8 million bottles sold, Puracy is a household brand that creates high-quality plant-based cleaning products for the whole family. Some of the most popular products include the Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner and the Natural Gel Hand Soap. Both are certified cruelty-free and do not include sulfates, parabens, animal by-products, and other harmful ingredients. All of the cleaning products from this brand are crafted with help from chemists, doctors and cleaning professionals.

You can shop Puracy here.

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If you are a sucker for subscription boxes, check out Cleancult. With Cleancult, you are able to curate your own cleaning routine and pick out products that work best for you. Each product has paper-based packaging and are made with natural ingredients. To help out the environment, you are able to purchase reusable glass dispensers and containers for the products you buy. The Liquid Hand Soap, All Purpose Cleaner and Natural Bar Soap, are some of the many different eco-friendly products to choose from.

You can shop Cleancult here.

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Dropps creates kitchen and laundry products that will help you emark onto sustainable living. Crafted with compostable packaging and sent to your home with free carbon neutral shipping, Dropps has Stain and Odor Detergent and Dishwasher Detergent cleaning pods that will take away dirt and grime from your clothes and dishes in a powerful, yet gentle way with help from dye-free, chlorine-free and phosphate-free ingredients.

You can shop Dropps here.

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