Eco-Friendly Alternatives for Things We Use Everyday

You may feel like recycling water bottles or taking shorter showers isn’t doing enough for the environment. It can be discouraging getting notifications on your phone about hurricanes destroying cities or that there are less dead insects on your windshield after driving due to the failing environment.

Global warming is real and in full effect. VALLEY came up with a few ways to help save the environment simply by changing the products you use. You’ll be surprised how converting some of the products you use everyday to eco-friendly products,  can significantly decrease your ecological footprint! And it’ll make you feel good about saving the earth!

Update Your Toothbrush

You can start off small, like switching your plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one. Unlike a plastic toothbrush, a bamboo one can be used even after you’re ready to throw it out. Instead of disposing of the entire toothbrush like you would a plastic one, you can simply cut the bristles off with a pair of scissors and use the bamboo handle for something else! You can use it as stirrer to mix your favorite drink or simply dispose of it in a commercial composting bin where it will be returned to the soil. The Humble Co., a company that sells bamboo toothbrushes, offers education and performs urgent dental care with the profit they receive on children in the most vulnerable parts of the world.

Ditch the Plastic Bags

If you love shopping as much as the rest of us, try using reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Reusable bags are super affordable, too! You can get them at stores like Target, Walmart, Marshalls and many supermarkets. They come in all types of colors, designs and sizes, so you can pick the ones that best suits you! These bags fit more things than the conventional plastic bags and are way cuter!

Switch Your Batteries

Although many of the electronics we use do not require batteries, for the electronics that do require them, rechargeable batteries are a great alternative to regular ones. Conventional batteries contain extremely toxic chemicals which cause soil and water pollution. Instead of continuously purchasing and disposing of the dead batteries, rechargeable batteries can be charged anytime you need, which can help the earth and your wallet!

Put Down the Paper Towels

We all know paper towels are one of those household items that seem to be needed all the time. We use them for everything. If there’s a spill, we tear one off the roll, use it and toss it out. Need to dry a dish? Grab one, use it and toss it out. This is a cycle most of us deal with everyday. Do you ever think about how many paper towels you use in one day? A great alternative to paper towels are bamboo towels. These towels are both reusable and machine washable. Bambooee offers these towels and plants a tree for every roll sold. So, not only are you producing less paper waste, you are also contributing to the planting of trees!

When searching for eco-friendly alternatives, you should also see if they you can purchase them from companies that have missions to help the earth, like The Humble Co. and Bambooee. Choosing these alternatives will not only help the earth, but will also help its people, who need it the most!


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