Protect The Earth With These Eco-Friendly Athletic Brands

Posted by Patagonia | @patagonia

We all know that athleisure is the latest street style trend. But, as more popular brands’ environmental impacts are being questioned, it is getting harder to find a cute pair of leggings that doesn’t make you feel guilty. Climate change is becoming a more important topic and it’s vital that our lifestyles reflect that. Valley is here to tell you what brands are both cool and environmentally ethical.


Maybe the most popular brand, Patagonia is one of the most environmentally conscious brands around. They produce high quality clothing and give a description of where and how all their items are produced. Much of their clothing is recycled fabric or completely organic, such as their Women’s Serenity Leggings, which are made of 89 percent organic cotton. They also continuously donate to environmental grass roots charities around the world.

Alternative Apparel

Alternative Apparel sells more than just comfortable, lived in clothing— they sell a lifestyle. Their laid back, casual look is made from 70 percent sustainable materials and processes. They are the eco-friendly masters of basics. So, the next time you need some comfy tees or hoodies, Alternative Apparel is the place to go.


prAna is the perfect brand for all you yoga junkies. They make super fashionable athletic wear with beautiful colors and patterns. The prices are a bit high, but you truly get what you pay for. They work with sustainable materials and treat their workers fairly. They have several initiatives to make their environmental impact as small as possible, such as making sure their fabrics hold up to the highest environmental and human safety standards. When you wear prAna’s bright leggings and tanks, you know that the chemicals and fabrics used are good for the world.

Melainaa Pepsin, Penn State freshman, says “I think the big problem is not a lot of people are educated on which brands are environmentally friendly or not. I think what deters people from that is that brands that are more environmentally friendly can be more expensive. But I’d much rather pay more money for something that is environmentally friendly and high quality.”

So next time you go shopping for activewear ask yourself, “Is this product helping or hurting the earth?”